The Step Up franchise has been a fan favorite for years, with its mix of dance and drama. Since the first movie was released in 2006, there have been five more installments in the franchise. Fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a sixth movie, but will it happen?

Will Step Up 6 Happen?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, unclear. While there have been no official announcements from the studio, there have been plenty of rumors and speculation. It is possible that a sixth installment could be in the works, but there is also a chance that the franchise may have come to an end.

The Chances of a Sixth Installment

The chances of a sixth installment of Step Up are slim, but not impossible. The last movie in the franchise, Step Up: All In, was released in 2014 and did not do as well as the previous installments. This could be a sign that the franchise has run its course, and that a sixth movie may not be viable.

On the other hand, the Step Up franchise has a strong and loyal fan base, and it is possible that the studio may decide to give it another chance. If the studio does decide to move forward with a sixth movie, it is likely that it will be quite different from the previous installments, as the franchise has shifted its focus over the years.

At the moment, it is impossible to say for sure if Step Up 6 will happen. While the chances are slim, there is still a possibility that the franchise could be revived. Until there is an official announcement from the studio, fans will have to wait and see if their favorite dance franchise will return.