The return of Abyss to the WWE could be one of the most exciting moments of the year. After a long absence from the wrestling scene, Abyss is now back and looking to make an impact. But will Abyss be wrestling for the WWE or will he be part of the Impact Wrestling roster? This article will explore the possibilities of Abyss’ return and the potential impact it could have on both promotions.

Abyss’ WWE Return

Abyss has been a part of the wrestling world since 2002, when he debuted in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling. He has since become a fan favorite, competing in numerous matches and winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship twice. After a long absence from the wrestling world, Abyss made a surprise return to the WWE in December 2020.

Although Abyss has not officially signed a contract with the WWE, there have been rumors that he will be appearing on the company’s programming. Abyss has expressed interest in competing in the WWE, and given his history and popularity, it is likely that he will be welcomed with open arms.

Impact of Abyss’ Return on WWE

If Abyss does sign with the WWE, it could be a huge boost for the promotion. His presence in the ring would be an instant draw, as fans would be eager to see him in action. Abyss’ return could also bring new viewers to the WWE, as his popularity could attract fans of other promotions.

The return of Abyss could also have a positive impact on the wrestling world as a whole. His presence in the WWE could help to promote the sport and attract new fans. It could also lead to more cross-promotion between different promotions, as Abyss could potentially compete in both the WWE and Impact Wrestling.

The return of Abyss to the wrestling world is an exciting prospect for fans of all promotions. Whether or not Abyss will be wrestling for the WWE remains to be seen, but if he does, it could have a huge impact on the promotion and the wrestling world as a whole.