The history of Ethiopia and Liberia is unique in that both countries were never colonized by a foreign power. This is in stark contrast to the majority of African countries which were colonized during the 19th century by European nations. While there are many theories as to why Ethiopia and Liberia were able to remain independent, the two countries have since become a symbol of African sovereignty and independence.

Ethiopia and Liberia’s Uncolonized History

Ethiopia and Liberia have long been a source of pride for the African continent, as both countries were able to remain independent throughout the 19th century. Ethiopia’s uncolonized history dates back to the mid-19th century when it was able to resist European colonization. The country was able to successfully repel various invasions from both the French and the Italians, and was the only country in Africa to do so. Similarly, Liberia was founded in 1847 by freed American slaves, and was able to remain independent due to its strategic location along the West African coast.

Reasons for Their Independence

There are a few key factors that enabled both Ethiopia and Liberia to remain independent during the 19th century. Firstly, both countries had strong and unified governments that were able to effectively repel foreign invasions. Ethiopia was ruled by the powerful Emperor Menelik II, who was able to successfully defend the country against European colonization. Similarly, Liberia was founded by freed American slaves, who were determined to maintain their independence.

In addition, both Ethiopia and Liberia were geographically remote from the European colonies in Africa. Ethiopia was located in the highlands of East Africa, and was thus difficult to access for European powers. Similarly, Liberia was located on the West African coast, away from the main European colonies in Africa. This made it difficult for European powers to gain access to the country.

Ethiopia and Liberia remain a symbol of African independence and sovereignty, and their uncolonized histories are a source of pride for the African continent. While there are many factors that enabled the two countries to remain independent, their success in resisting European colonization has made them a symbol of African resilience and strength.