Why is josh described as churlish?

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Josh gets suspended from the team. Why is Josh described as "churlish"? He is described as "churlish" because he made JB have a runny nose. ... The team thanks him profusely for making them win.

Why does Josh call the new girl Miss sweet tea?

Miss Sweet Tea is a new girl at Josh and JB's school. ... Though Josh remains attracted to her throughout the novel, he refers to her at this point as "the girl who stole my brother" and blames her exclusively for the fact that JB won't forgive him.

What does churlish mean in crossover?

Churlish. Rude in a mean-spirited and surly way. Profusely. Spending or giving freely and in large amount, often to excess; extravagant; made or done freely and abundantly; abundant; in great amount.

Why does Josh's mom call him into the kitchen in the crossover?

Mom calls me into the kitchen. ... Mom explains that the family has a history of heart problems, so they're going to start eating better. Josh is aghast that they have to start tonight, but Mom asks Josh to not let Dad take him to Pollard's or Krispy Kreme after their rec center outings.

Why was Josh suspended the crossover?

What does Josh do to get suspended from the team? He purposely throws the ball at JB's face.

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Why did Josh let vondie win the race at practice?

Josh lets Vondie win the race because he wants to practice to get better. It's all about strategy and not about planning and winning.

Why does Josh compare his dad to a storm?

Why does Josh compare his dad to a storm? Because he is very mad. ... They like to go through the closet to see memorabilia from their dad's career. It is also off-limits.

What happens when Josh passes the ball to his brother?

What happens when Josh passes the ball to JB during the game? He makes the shot. He smashes JB in the face and almost breaks his nose. The other team steals it.

What happens when Josh passes the ball to his brother on page 134?

What happens when Josh passes the ball to his brother on pg. 134? J.B. makes a layup and they win the game.

What item do Josh and JB try on when they are in their parents closet?

While Josh is looking through his parents' closet for a box for his locks, he and JB begin to make discoveries about Dad's medical history that complicate their reading of their dad.

What is the longest word for beautiful?

Pulchritudinous is an adjective that means physically beautiful or attractive.

Why does Josh feel miles away from his family on the ride home from the hospital even though he is only a few feet from them?

Even though Josh is only two feet away from any of his family members, he feels miles away. Now that Josh's actions have hurt someone, his sense of loneliness gets even worse. This suggests that the loneliness was easier to deal with when Josh wasn't the one enforcing it.

Can a man be pulchritudinous?

The noun, pulchritude, has been in the language since the early fifteenth century. It derives from the Latin word pulchritudo that comes from pulcher, beautiful. In its first few centuries, it could be applied equally to both sexes.

Why does sweet tea make peace with Josh crossover?

what causes sweet tea to make peace with josh? josh's dad dies. she realizes she likes josh. ... his invitation from sweet tea to the duke Vs North carolina game.

Is crossover a true story?

Kwame Alexander is an award-winning poet and children's book author. His most recent book, The Crossover, is a story told through poems and basketball "rules." The book is about twin brothers who are basketball stars striving for a championship.

What happens while Josh is warming up with his dad in the gym?

What happened while Josh was warming up with his dad in the gym? Dad starts to throw free throws.

What is the problem in the crossover?

The main conflict is Josh being frustrated with the things going on in his life. The problems with the team, his brother, his dad, his friends, and things in school.

What is the main idea of the crossover?

Two major themes are prominent in this book – family relationships and loss.

Why does Josh write Jordan a letter?

Why does Josh write a letter to Jordan? Because he doesn't think JB will listen to him in person.

Why does Josh attempt to make 50 free throws at the end of the novel?

Josh's closed eyes imply that even though he can't see his future, he's sure that it'll include basketball. Further, making it to 50 free throws shows that Josh is truly becoming more like Dad, while mistaking JB for Dad himself shows that JB is undergoing the same transformation.

How does JB make it up to his brother for cutting his hair What does this interaction tell you about their relationship?

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How does JB make it up to his brother for cutting his hair? What does this interaction tell you about their relationship? JB makes it up to Josh by apologizing and offering to do his chores. This tells us that JB deeply cares about his brother, and is sorry that he has upset him.

What was Josh's tipping point why?

Josh's tipping point is when he sees JB kissing his girlfriend. What happens at the end of the "Second Quarter"? Josh throws the ball at JB so hard it gives him a bloody nose.

Why is Josh initially upset to be at the hospital with his dad?

Character Why is Josh initially upset to be at the hospital with his dad? ... He was suspended from the last few games, and now that he has been reinstated, he would rather be playing with his team than at the hospital with his dad .

How many free throws did Josh hit in a row after his father's funeral?

Q. Why do you think the father left his championship ring to Josh and not Jordan? Q. Josh makes 50 free throws in a row like his dad did once at the end of the book.

What do Josh's parents argue about?

There is a traffic stop on the way to a game, in which the boys' father (like many an African-American man) is pulled over for a minor infraction; Josh is warned by his mother about what happens to young black men who let their tempers get the better of them; his parents fight not over money or fidelity but over diet ...