Why did silas ask miss lupescu?

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Since he must go, Silas asks Miss Lupescu to serve as Bod's guardian in his absence. At first, Bod is not at all fond of Miss Lupescu. He finds her to be strict and boring, and worst of all, he dislikes the food she brings him.

Why did Silas ask Miss Lupescu to serve as bods temporary guardian?

Miss Lupescu acted as Bod's temporary guardian because Silas had to go away. Bod disliked Miss Lupescu.

Why does Miss Lupescu come to the graveyard?

Bod and Miss Lupescu actually became friends, and she even took him to a football game. She also saved him in Hell, because she was a Hound of God, and helped him escape and come home to the graveyard.

What was Miss Lupescu?

Miss Lupescu is a Hound of God—that is, a werewolf—who acts as Bod's guardian whenever Silas is away. According to Miss Lupescu, Hounds of God don't see their transformation to a wolf as a bad thing—rather, they see it as a gift from God.

How did Miss Lupescu lessons prove useful?

How did Miss Lupescu's lessons prove useful to Bod? Bod used what he learned from Miss Lupescu to call the night-gaunts for help so Miss Lupescu could rescue him. Bod used what he learned from Miss Lupescu to speak to the ghouls in a foreign language and confuse them enough so he could escape.


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What happens to Miss Lupescu by the end of the story?

Unlike in a lot of other fantasy books, werewolves in The Graveyard Book aren't evil. Like Silas, Miss Lupescu is a member of the Honor Guard (more on that in Silas's section) and she dies battling the Jacks.

Who is the master in The Graveyard Book?

According to the text, the Sleer is a guardian. It watches over the treasures of its previous master while awaiting that master's return. This serpent-like creature also has three heads and three necks. Its faces comprise an amalgamation of human and animal parts.

Is there a sequel to The Graveyard Book?

When asked if he would ever write a sequel to The Graveyard Book, Gaiman said, “I will, yes, but it will go to very different places – and it may not get back to the Graveyard” (source) Hmm… very interesting.

Is Silas from the graveyard book a vampire?

Silas is Bod's guardian. The novel heavily implies that he's a vampire: he has no reflection in mirrors, he sleeps in a steamer trunk, and he assumes a batlike form when he's not in his tall, pale, human form. ... In this way, he proves pivotal to Bod's coming-of-age process and is one of his most important teachers.

How does Bod feel about Miss Lupescu coming back next summer to teach him again?

Bod is annoyed; he doesn't usually have lessons in the summer and has more than enough teachers the rest of the year. But Miss Lupescu sniffs and, in her slightly accented voice, asks if a six-year-old boy knows everything.

Why did Silas leave bod?

Silas protects and educates Bod and also brings him food. In chapter 3, Silas explains, "I need to obtain some information. In order to do that, I have to travel." Bod enjoys the company of Silas, and he is sad that Silas has to leave. ... In spite of the food, Bod eventually grows to like and appreciate Miss Lupescu.

Will The Graveyard Book be a movie?

Disney live-action film chief Sean Bailey confirms the studio is still developing a movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman's novel The Graveyard Book. Disney's live-action film chief has confirmed the studio is still developing a movie based on The Graveyard Book.

Why was Mr Pennyworth disappointed in bods progress?

Pennyworth is disappointed in Bod's progress because he has not practiced his Slipping and Fading skills.

Why did the man Jack visit the house on the side of the hill?

Answer and Explanation: Jack visits the tall house on the side of the hill in order to assassinate the infant child of the Dorian family, who would come to be called Nobody Owens.

Who does BOD go to for advice because Silas has not returned to the graveyard yet?

Excited, Scarlett agrees. It's been six years since Bod last visited the Sleer. Since the Sleer is the oldest being in the graveyard, Bod goes to see him now, to ask for advice.

What did Silas teach bod?

Furthermore he helps Bod with his knowledge. He teaches him things in an interesting way, answers his questions and gives him helpful advice. For example, Silas brings alphabet books and paper to the graveyard to teach Bod the alphabet.

Is Silas dead in the graveyard book?

Silas isn't dead, but he isn't alive either. He's a sad, lonely figure, not fitting in with either the living or the dead, like when he is can't join in the Danse Macabre (where the dead and the living dance, for one night only).

What is the lesson in The Graveyard Book?

The potential of living beings

The big lesson that Bod learned was that there was a reason why he was not meant to live in the graveyard his entire life. While there was a lot of camaraderie, companionship, and family in the graveyard, he had something none of them had: the potential of a living human.

Who is the lady in GREY in the graveyard book?

The Lady on the Grey is a mythical woman on a big white horse. She comes for people when they die and takes them to their death on the back of her horse. All the ghosts respect her and fear her, so when she encourages the graveyard's residents to take Bod in, they listen.

What happened to Jack In The Graveyard Book?

The Sleer engulfs Jack Frost in an "embrace", and they disappear into the wall, presumably "protecting him from the world", forever. Silas returns, and it is revealed that he and Miss Lupescu are members of the Honour Guard, devoted to protecting "the borders between things".

Who is in charge of the graveyard at the end of the book unwind?

The Graveyard is a sanctuary for Unwinds to hide in until they are 18, found in Southwest Arizona. It was once under the supervision of the Admiral, but, after his retirement, was later replaced by Connor Lassiter.

Why was Silas doubtful that God would ever see Scarlett again?

Q. Why was Silas doubtful Bod would ever see Scarlett again? Because Scarlett got hurt by the Sleer and her parents blamed Bod. Because Scarlett was reported as missing to the police and her parents blamed visiting the graveyard.

Who is the oldest person in The Graveyard Book?

One afternoon, Scarlett asks who's the oldest person in the graveyard. Bod thinks Caius Pompeius, who came to Britain 100 years after the first Romans, is the oldest. Then, Scarlett asks if they can play in one of the “stone houses.” Bod explains that they're locked.

Is The Graveyard Book for adults?

Neil Gayman is an extremely talented writer for both adults and young adults, and "The Graveyard Book" is suitable, and eminently enjoyable, for young adults and adults alike. One of Gaiman's great attributes as a writer is that he never insults his audience.

How does Scarlett end up back at the graveyard?

As Bod and Scarlett are making their escape, four more men named Jack arrive on the scene. Bod and Scarlett make it back to the graveyard, but all five Jacks are chasing them. Inside the graveyard, Bod hides Scarlett down with the Sleer then goes up against four of the Jacks.