Whos catch phrase was its a puppet?

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Everything you need to know about the puppet abusing comedian and Strictly Come Dancing 2017 star. The star is famous for his shouty catchphrase: 'It's a puppet!'

Did Brian Connolly have a puppet?

Nick Frisbee and Larry the Loafer

Nick Frisbee was a children's in-vision continuity presenter who had a squirrel puppet sidekick, Larry the Loafer (operated by Ray Tizzard). ... Unlike children's television presenters, Nick was crude, and often cared very little for Larry or his viewers.

What is Brian Conley catchphrase?

Brian Conley's regular catchphrase in the show was "Shut it!".

What was Brian Conley puppet?

The shows were a mixture of Brian's unique stand up, musical numbers and sketches, featuring some immortal characters, of which the most famous had to be Nick Frisbee and Larry The Loafer, a send up of BBC Saturday morning show Going Live's puppet Gordon the Gopher. The sketch gave Conley his famous catchphrase.

Who played dangerous Brian?

When he was 16, Brian Conley made his acting debut as a teenage monk in an episode of the BBC sci-fi series Survivors (1975). In 2017, Brian Conley appeared on Loose Women (1999) which he also returned as Dangerous Brian.

Brian conley alive and dangerous, nick frisbee and larry the loafer.

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Who is Brian Connolly's brother?

Born in Hamilton, near Glasgow, in 1949, Connolly was probably the half- brother of the actor Mark McManus (who played the Scottish television detective Taggart).

What happened to Brian Conley?

And Brian Conley has admitted that he burst into tears after hearing he landed the part in the iconic BBC soap after months of being out of work due to the coronavirus lockdown. ... Speaking on how he felt after getting the phone call, he said: 'Were it not for Covid, I'd have been touring with 9 to 5 the Musical.

Is Brian Conley in EastEnders?

New EastEnders star Brian Conley has said he was overcome with emotion the first time he walked onto the soap's Albert Square. The West End star has joined the cast of the BBC soap as Terry Cant - Sonia Fowler's (Natalie Cassidy) long-lost father. ... Conley said it is difficult "because you can't play off" other actors.

What group was Brian Conley?

Brian Francis Connolly (5 October 1945 – 9 or 10 February 1997) was a Scottish singer-songwriter, musician and actor, best known as the lead singer of glam rock band The Sweet between 1968 and 1979.

What is Brian Conley famous for?

Brian Conley is most famous for his eponymous comedy variety show. He's also appeared on the Royal Variety Performance several times, both as an act and a host.

Why did the band Sweet break up?

Manager David Walker issued a prepared statement to the press saying that the break up was due to musical differences. “Well, I would have, in fact, left two years before I did, but I just stuck out to tour – out of loyalty I suppose Brian added.

Who is coming into EastEnders as Sonias dad?

EastEnders has released full details of newcomer Terry Cant's arrival in Walford. Actor and presenter Brian Conley has been cast in the role of Sonia's "cheeky, people pleaser" dad, with his first scenes hitting our screens next week.

Who just joined EastEnders?

Ross Boatman has joined the cast of EastEnders as Harvey Monroe and is set to make his debut on the soap in the summer. A statement from the BBC said Harvey's daughter Dana (Barbara Smith) has a connection to Walford already in Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell).

Is Harry Redknapp joining EastEnders?

Harry Redknapp is to swap the football pitch for Albert Square when he makes a special appearance in EastEnders, it has been announced. Redknapp said: "It's no secret that I've wanted to be in EastEnders so I'm over the moon to be making a special cameo this summer. ...