Which language is pathetic?

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German translation of 'pathetic'

What is a pathetic English?

adjective. causing or evoking pity, sympathetic sadness, sorrow, etc.; pitiful; pitiable: Conditions at the refugee camp were far more pathetic than anything our training had prepared us for. Informal. miserably or contemptibly inadequate: In return for our investment we get a pathetic three percent interest.

What are some pathetic words?

  • heartbreaking,
  • heartrending,
  • miserable,
  • piteous,
  • pitiable,
  • pitiful,
  • poor,
  • rueful,

Where does pathetic come from?

Pathetic can be traced back further to the Greek pathētikos, meaning “capable of feeling.” It was preceded, slightly, by the related pathetical (which has the same meaning as the early senses of pathetic, but seem to have fallen out of use before taking on the “absurd” or “inadequate” ones) and pathetically.

How do you explain pathetic to a kid?

definition: causing feelings of pity or sorrow. The limping dog was a pathetic sight.

What is a pathetic person?

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How do you use the word pathetic?

Pathetic in a Sentence ?
  1. Jason looked like a pathetic dog as he tried to set up his tent in the drenching rain.
  2. Because Heather was drunk, she did not realize how pathetic she looked as she staggered around the party.
  3. Tom appeared pathetic as he watched his ex-wife marry his best friend.

How do you use pathetic?

inspiring scornful pity.
  1. The small group of onlookers presented a pathetic sight.
  2. I refused to go along with their pathetic charade.
  3. You're pathetic! ...
  4. He derided my singing as pathetic.
  5. His tears were pathetic to witness.
  6. The starving children were a pathetic sight.

Who is a pathetic person?

If you describe a person or animal as pathetic, you mean that they are sad and weak or helpless, and they make you feel very sorry for them. ... a pathetic little dog with a curly tail. The small group of onlookers presented a pathetic sight. She now looked small, shrunken and pathetic.

Who invented the word pathetic?

The term was coined by John Ruskin in Modern Painters (1843–60). In some classical poetic forms such as the pastoral elegy, the pathetic fallacy is actually a required convention.

Does pathetic mean worthless?

useless or not effective in annoying way.

What does pathetic love mean?

Expressing, arousing, or intended to arouse pity, sorrow, sympathy, or compassion; pitiful. adjective. 9. 1. The definition of pathetic is someone or something that brings or is capable of bringing about feelings of pity or sorrow.

What is a fancy word for dumb?

Some common synonyms of dumb are crass, dense, dull, and stupid.

What is a pathetic situation?

1 evoking or expressing pity, sympathy, etc. 2 distressingly inadequate. the old man sat huddled in front of a pathetic fire. 3 (Brit) informal ludicrously or contemptibly uninteresting or worthless.

When was the word pathetic first used?

pathetic (adj.)

The colloquial sense of "so miserable as to be ridiculous" is attested by 1937.

Why is it called pathetic fallacy?

Pathetic Fallacy Definition

Pathetic fallacy is a literary device wherein the author attributes human emotions and traits to nature or inanimate objects. ... When the device was named in the 19th century, the term 'pathetic' referred to feelings (pathos), so pathetic fallacy actually means 'fake emotions. '

Can humans pathetic?

If you describe a person or animal as pathetic, you mean that they are sad and weak or helpless, and they make you feel very sorry for them. ... If you describe someone or something as pathetic, you mean that they make you feel impatient or angry, often because they are weak or not very good.

What is the difference between pitiful and pathetic?

As adjectives the difference between pitiful and pathetic

is that pitiful is feeling pity; merciful while pathetic is arousing pity, sympathy, or compassion.

What's the noun for pathetic?

The state or quality of being pathetic.

How do you say dumb nicely?

'Dunderhead' and Other 'Nicer' Ways to Say Stupid
  1. Dunderheaded. Definition: being a dunderhead. ...
  2. Anserine. Definition: stupid, silly. ...
  3. Blinkard. Definition: a stupid, slow-witted, or obtuse person. ...
  4. Ignoration. Definition: complete or utter ignorance. ...
  5. Addlepated. ...
  6. Nescient. ...
  7. Bêtise. ...
  8. Stupid.

Is moron a bad word?

Usage of Moron

The terms idiot, imbecile, moron, and their derivatives were formerly used as technical descriptors in medical, educational, and regulatory contexts. These uses were broadly rejected by the close of the 20th century and are now considered offensive.

What does Pathic mean?

Definition of -pathic

1 : perceiving, suffering, or affected in a (specified) way telepathic. 2 : affected by disease of a specified part or kind myopathic. 3 : relating to therapy based on a (specified) unitary theory of disease or its treatment homeopathic.

What is the best synonyms for pathetic?

synonyms for pathetic
  • deplorable.
  • feeble.
  • heartbreaking.
  • miserable.
  • pitiful.
  • poignant.
  • sorry.
  • woeful.