Where are blueridge guitars made?

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To be sure, there is no shortage of guitars being made in China these days, including some of the most recognizable and best-selling brands: Washburn, Yamaha, Guild, Epiphone, Eastman, the Loar, Fender, Ovation, Blueridge, Recording King, Alvarez, Luna, Sigma, and Gibson all manufacture guitars, or components of them, ...

Are Blueridge guitars good?

Blueridge Guitars made by Saga Musical Instruments has some truly fantastic instruments and they come in at some unbelievable price points. Usually, I would just isolate one guitar from a lineup, but in this case, I have to say that across the board Blueridge makes some very good sounding and nicely priced instruments.

Who owns Blueridge guitars?

One of the 22 brands currently owned by Saga Music, Blueridge specializes in historic and pre-war reproductions and their acoustic guitars have garnered a lot of praise from musicians and publications.

Are Blueridge guitars solid wood?

Blueridge BR-140 Guitar Specifications: Select solid Sitka spruce top. Hand-carved forward X-pattern parabolic braces. Choice solid mahogany back and sides.

Are Chinese guitars any good?

A Chinese guitar can be great if the companies allow it. When a company outsources to China, it's usually to produce a high amount of guitars for a cheap price. If that's their goal, they're not going to be very good quality. But they also make some great quality guitars, just look at the Ibanez Chinese customs.

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Why are American made guitars so expensive?

However, American Fender Guitars are the most expensive on their roster. ... This is why Fender gave us the Player Stratocaster, a cheaper, made-in-Mexico version of this legendary guitar. The main reason why a US-made Stratocaster is pricier is because of its superior tone and quality control.

Are Epiphone guitars made in China any good?

Chinese Epis are just as good as the older Korean ones. When Gibson opened their own Epi plant in China that they still supervise. Epis have gotten so much better IMHO the best they have ever been.

Are Takamine guitars solid wood?

They feature solid spruce tops and solid rosewood backs and sides for a rich and pure sound, beautiful flame maple body and neck binding, 12”-radius ebony fingerboards with elegant abalone “snowflake” inlays, split bone saddles for faultless intonation, gold tuners and hardware, and the CTP-3 CoolTube preamp for ...

What Yamaha guitars are solid wood?

The Yamaha LL16 acoustic guitar is a solid wood guitar made with premium woods. It is a beautifully shaped guitar and it produces a wonderful articulate tone. The Engelmann spruce top on this guitar has been treated with the A.R.E technology (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement).

How do I date my Blueridge guitar?

A two digit number (XX) will mean that the guitar has a solid Spruce top with laminate back and sides. A three digit number (XXX) means that the guitar has a solid Spruce top, and solid back/sides. The last digit of a Blueridge model number will designate what body size a guitar has.

Are Blueridge guitars made in USA?

To be sure, there is no shortage of guitars being made in China these days, including some of the most recognizable and best-selling brands: Washburn, Yamaha, Guild, Epiphone, Eastman, the Loar, Fender, Ovation, Blueridge, Recording King, Alvarez, Luna, Sigma, and Gibson all manufacture guitars, or components of them, ...

Are Martin Guitars made in China?

But Martin makes its guitars in just two locations — company headquarters at 510 Sycamore St. in Upper Nazareth, and in Navojoa, Mexico.

Why are Martin guitars so expensive?

Martins are expensive because they are high quality and have a reputation for that quality. In my opinion they are over-priced though, and for the price of a good Martin you can buy a hand made one from a reputable luthier.

Are all Martin Guitars made in USA?

"Martin guitars are made in Nazareth PA, USA with the exception of the X Series (HPL) the Backpacker Series, Road Series, and the SO and S1 Uke which are made in our plant in Mexico." A few Martins, a Gibson, and a few nice electrics.

What is the oldest guitar company?

C.F. Martin, known more commonly as “Martin,” is the oldest guitar company in the United States. Founded in 1833, the company originally operated out of a small shop on the Lower West Side of New York City, where the eponymous luthier sold music supplies, as well as a limited number of handmade guitars.

Who makes Dave Matthews guitars?

Since 2011 Dave has rocked several custom-made guitars made by Rockbridge Guitars out of Charlottesville, VA. Most of his tunes call for the six string, and at the time of this writing Dave's go-to player is a Custom Rockbridge SJ Sunburst (pictured below).

Are Yamaha guitars good?

As we've said before, there's a Yamaha guitar for every style, musical genre, and sound preference. The overall quality of Yamaha guitars is testament making instruments that sound great and priced just right. Yamaha guitars are comfortable and easy to play. This makes them a great choice for beginners.

Does Yamaha make guitars?

Yamaha has grown to become the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments (including pianos, "silent" pianos, drums, guitars, brass instruments, woodwinds, violins, violas, celli, and vibraphones), as well as a leading manufacturer of semiconductors, audio/visual, computer related products, sporting goods, ...

What artists use Yamaha guitars?

Other notable music artists who played a Yamaha guitar include:
  • Bob Dylan.
  • James Taylor.
  • Bob Marley.
  • Paul Simon.
  • Frank Gambale.
  • Liz Phair.
  • Mick Jones (Foreigner)
  • Kerry Livgren (Kansas)

Which Takamine guitars are made in Japan?

All Takamine's are designed in Japan by Takamine. The G series models (this guitar) are built in China or Korea. (Takamine builds all pro series models in Japan.) This is a wonderful guitar!

How much is a Takamine G Series worth?

Pricing for new Takamine G Series guitars ranges from $259.99 to $859.99 (MSRP).

Is NATO a good wood for guitar?

Nato. Often referred to as 'Eastern Mahogany', Nato is a species which offers similar looks and similar characteristics to regualr mahogany. It offers a cost effective way to build a guitar with great looks and great tonal output.

Are all Epiphone guitars made in China?

In 2004, Gibson opened a factory in Qingdao, China, which manufactures Epiphone guitars. With few exceptions, Epiphones are now built only in the Qingdao factory.

Can Epiphone sound like Gibson?

While the Epiphone Les Paul does sound great, it just doesn't sound like the Gibson Les Paul. There are obvious reasons for this, like the construction of the body, the materials used to create the body of the guitar, the pickups installed, and a few other points that make Epiphone a cheaper company than Gibson.

Where are Epiphone Masterbilt guitars made?

Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic guitars are made in their own Qingdao, China facility to very high standards.