When to use animadvert?

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When you animadvert upon something, you criticize it openly and harshly. A high school debater might animadvert on the subject of the death penalty, for example. The verb animadvert is a great word to use when you need a formal way to talk about a public condemnation of something or someone.

How do you use the word Animadvert in a sentence?

Animadvert in a Sentence ?
  1. The council will no doubt animadvert your decision today.
  2. Why do they always choose to animadvert my efforts?
  3. There is no way they can animadvert the success of the operation.

What is the meaning of animadvert?

transitive verb. archaic : notice, observe. intransitive verb. : to make an animadversion.

What does Exoriates mean?

excoriate • \ek-SKOR-ee-ayt\ • verb. 1 : to wear off the skin of : abrade 2 : to censure scathingly.

What does Cogigate mean?

transitive verb. : to ponder or meditate on usually intently cogitating the possible consequences of my decision. intransitive verb. : to meditate deeply or intently cogitating on her career plans cogitated on what would be the right thing to do.

What is the meaning of the word ANIMADVERT?

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What does elated mean?

: marked by high spirits : exultant.

Is cogitate a real word?

verb (used without object), cog·i·tat·ed, cog·i·tat·ing. to think hard; ponder; meditate: to cogitate about a problem.

What does Enatic mean?

: descended from the same mother : related on the mother's side enatic clans.

What does fully exonerated mean?

cannot be absolved of blame exonerate implies a complete clearance from an accusation or charge and from any attendant suspicion of blame or guilt.

What does excoriated skin look like?

Signs and symptoms of excoriation of the skin include the following: Itchy skin patches. Thin crust on the affected areas. Redness of the affected area.

What is a pusillanimous person?

: lacking courage and resolution : marked by contemptible timidity.

How do you use animated in a sentence?

Animated in a Sentence ?
  1. In order to get the attention of her students, the animated teacher would throw her hands wildly around and move quickly around the room to explain a concept.
  2. Winning first place at the dance competition required the couple to do an animated dance by being overly dramatic in their dance moves.

What is a gauntlet challenge?

Today the phrase “throw down the gauntlet” means to challenge or confront someone, but in its earliest use it wasn't meant as a metaphor, but was a physical action intended to issue a formal challenge to a duel.

How do you use celerity in a sentence?

Examples of 'celerity' in a sentence celerity
  1. He took his time about it: celerity had no part in the due processes of the law. ...
  2. From the celerity with which the headwaiter approached her I decided she must be very rich or very distinguished.

How do you use acquaintance in a sentence?

a person with whom you are acquainted.
  1. Short acquaintance brings repentance.
  2. I have some acquaintance with the Russian.
  3. I am delighted to make your acquaintance, Mrs. ...
  4. He's just a business acquaintance.
  5. I bumped into an old acquaintance on the train.
  6. I bumped into a casual acquaintance in town.

What is a sentence for Avid?

1 He took an avid interest in the project. 2 He misses not having enough books because he's an avid reader. 3 He's an avid train - spotter.

Does exonerated mean innocent?

Exoneration occurs when the conviction for a crime is reversed, either through demonstration of innocence, a flaw in the conviction, or otherwise. ... The transitive verb, "to exonerate" can also mean to informally absolve one from blame.

What is the difference between acquitted and exonerated?

Acquitted means that they were not proven guilty. There was insufficient evidence or the jury did not believe the evidence and they voted to acquit. Exonerated means that you were shown or proven to be innocent. That is a stronger statement than acquitted.

How many people have been wrongly executed?

The study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences determined that at least 4% of people on death penalty/death row were and are likely innocent. People have no doubt that some innocent people have been executed.

What means odium?

1 : the state or fact of being subjected to hatred and contempt as a result of a despicable act or blameworthy circumstance. 2 : hatred and condemnation accompanied by loathing or contempt : detestation.

Is meaning in Latin?

Translation. He, him, they, them. Gender: Masculine. Singular.

Who Is Gloomy Gus?

: a person who is habitually gloomy.

What does Cogitative mean?

1 : of or relating to cogitation. 2 : capable of or given to cogitation.

What does sartorial taste mean?

: of or relating to a tailor or tailored clothes broadly : of or relating to clothes poor sartorial taste.