When something is intermingled?

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Definitions of intermingle. verb. mix or become mixed. “We don't intermingle much” synonyms: blend, immingle, intermix.

When something is intermingled and combined it is?

When people or things intermingle, they mix with each other. The ethnic populations are so intermingled that there's bound to be conflict.

How do you use intermingled in a sentence?

Intermingled sentence example
  1. Salt and fresh-water lakes are intermingled . ...
  2. They had Lithuanians to the W.; various Finnish tribes, intermingled towards the S.E.

What does the term interconnected mean?

1 : mutually joined or related interconnected highways interconnected political issues. 2 : having internal connections between the parts or elements. Other Words from interconnected More Example Sentences Learn More About interconnected.

What mingled mean?

1 : to bring or mix together or with something else usually without fundamental loss of identity : intermix The story mingles fact with fiction. 2 archaic : to prepare by mixing : concoct. intransitive verb. 1 : to become mingled white and Douglas fir trees mingle with the pines— Karen Thure.

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What does pugnacity mean?

: having a quarrelsome or combative nature : truculent.

How do you mingle professionally?

To meet and greet professionally; make eye contact, smile, shake hands and say hello. Introduce yourself with your first and last name and, if appropriate, state your relationship to the host. Don't use nick names. Listen to how people introduce themselves and follow their lead.

What is another word for interconnected?

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for interconnection, like: linkage, interdependence, link, connection, correlation, interrelationship, relation, interconnectedness, interconnectivity, interrelation and relationship.

What's an example of interconnection?

connection with other things that are related to each other: These objects show the interconnections between all of the ancient cultures in the Middle East. They see the interconnection of all things and honour the sacredness of all of life. The Internet is a global interconnection of computers.

What is an example interconnectedness?

the state of having different parts or things connected or related to each other: The interconnectedness of people and events is one of history's most fascinating topics. We are learning the hard way the interconnectedness of all things. See. interconnected.

What is difference between mingle and intermingle?

As verbs the difference between mingle and intermingle

is that mingle is to mix; intermix; to combine or join, as an individual or part, with other parts, but commonly so as to be distinguishable in the product; to confuse; to confound while intermingle is to mix or become mixed together.

What does Interracially mean?

: of, involving, or designed for members of different races (see race entry 1 sense 1a) Other Words from interracial Example Sentences Learn More About interracial.

What is something mixed?

to combine (substances, elements, things, etc.) into one mass, collection, or assemblage, generally with a thorough blending of the constituents. to put together indiscriminately or confusedly (often followed by up). ... to add as an element or ingredient: Mix some salt into the flour.

What is to mix together?

to combine or blend ( ingredients, liquids, objects, etc) together into one mass. 2. ( intransitive) to become or have the capacity to become combined, joined, etc.

What is it called when you combine two things?

Frequently Asked Questions About merge

Some common synonyms of merge are amalgamate, blend, coalesce, commingle, fuse, mingle, and mix. While all these words mean "to combine into a more or less uniform whole," merge suggests a combining in which one or more elements are lost in the whole.

What is the importance of interconnection?

Interconnection provides low latency, high availability connections that enable companies to reliably transfer data between these assets. Dedicated or direct interconnect provides a physical connection between assets, maximising the security and performance of the network while increasing cost.

What is the role of an interconnection?

Interconnection networks are the network infrastructure for parallel processing. ... Interconnection networks are important for efficiency in parallel computing where data is transferred at high speeds between multiple high-speed processors and memory modules.

What are the three types of interconnection?

Some of the more common interconnection networks are: two dimensional mesh, ring, tree and hypercube ( Figure 3). The first three are intuitive while the fourth needs some elaboration. ...

What is the difference between interconnected and connected?

As adjectives the difference between interconnected and connected. is that interconnected is intertwined; connected at multiple points or levels while connected is (usually with "well-"): having favorable rapport with a powerful entity.

What is an interconnected system called?

An assemblage or collection of related things. complex. network. system. nexus.

How do I get mingle?

8 Tips to Mingle Successfully
  1. Have a purpose. On the surface, Chamber gatherings and other business and social networking events in your community seem to just be social and fun events. ...
  2. Get organized. ...
  3. Listen more, talk less. ...
  4. Stay on point. ...
  5. Keep moving. ...
  6. Ask leading questions. ...
  7. Be friendly. ...
  8. Share your resources.

How do you mingle at an event?

Know what you want to accomplish at the event — to meet a number of people, find a particular resource, or get noticed. Remember to carry business cards and exchange them when appropriate. As you circulate, make sure you politely excuse yourself from the conversation. To say nothing as you exit is considered rude.

How do introverts mingle?

Follow these seven tips to master your mingle-ability skills.
  1. Step out of your comfort zone. Don't allow your fears to inhibit you from interacting with others. ...
  2. Choose quality instead of quantity. ...
  3. Network before you need it. ...
  4. Mind your body language. ...
  5. Practice remembering names. ...
  6. Keep it simple. ...
  7. Enjoy yourself.

What is the repulsion?

1 : the action of repulsing : the state of being repulsed. 2 : the action of repelling : the force with which bodies, particles, or like forces repel one another. 3 : a feeling of aversion : repugnance.