When something is aforementioned?

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Something that was mentioned before is aforementioned. Once you've written about something, it can then be referred to as aforementioned.

How do you use aforementioned?

It was once the family home of the aforementioned poet. An abbey three miles southwest, almost on the doorstep of the aforementioned hamlet. I am motoring east on a bracing winter's day towards the aforementioned town. How tempted I am; yet the aforementioned castle town is just one stop away.

How do you use aforementioned in a simple sentence?

Aforementioned in a Sentence ?
  1. Any of the aforementioned applicants will make great company employees.
  2. Before any of the aforementioned performers take the stage, the judges will decide which individual will leave the contest tonight.

What does Notwithstanding the aforementioned mean?

1 often immediately postpositive in spite of; despite.

Does Notwithstanding mean regardless?

As adverbs the difference between regardless and notwithstanding. is that regardless is without attention to warnings or indications of bad consequences while notwithstanding is nevertheless, all the same.

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Is notwithstanding a single word?

Have you ever encountered the word notwithstanding? You might think it looks like three separate words stuck together—not, with, and standing. But if you think about the definitions of those three words, the term doesn't make any sense.

What is the difference between aforementioned and forementioned?

Aforementioned (adjective) Previously mentioned. ... Forementioned (adjective) Mentioned earlier or above; already cited.

Is it correct to say as aforementioned?

No, aforementioned is formal and permissible in all scenarios where it is grammatically correct. An example: Indeed, scientific metaphors and analogies surface regularly in the text which, as noted earlier, is easy to follow with persistence on the part of the reader but is strangely unrewarding.

What is the difference between aforementioned and abovementioned?

is that abovementioned is (literary) mentioned above while aforementioned is previously mentioned.

What's the opposite of aforementioned?

aforementionednoun. Antonyms: following, undermentioned. Synonyms: aforesaid, mentioned, abovementioned.

What is a aforementioned statement?

Once you've written about something, it can then be referred to as aforementioned. You already know that to mention something is to bring it up, so if you consider that afore sounds a little like before, you'll know that aforementioned is simply something that's been said previously.

What does aforementioned sentence mean?

1. The definition of aforementioned is said or written at a previous point in time.

What are aforementioned issues?

If you refer to the aforementioned person or subject, you mean the person or subject that has already been mentioned. FORMAL adj det ADJ, usu the ADJ n (=aforesaid)

Can you use aforementioned in an essay?

Yes. A previous comment suggests aforementioned is too bureaucratic.

Is Aforereferenced a word?

cited or mentioned earlier or previously.

Is Aforedescribed a word?

Wikipedia. aforesaid — I adjective above mentioned, aforecited, aforedescribed, aforegiven, aforegoing, aforementioned, aforenamed, aforestated, already mentioned, already said, antecedent, anterior, before mentioned, beforesaid, foregoing, forenamed, former,… …

Is Aforelisted a word?

Aforelisted meaning

Listed earlier in a document.

Can aforementioned be used as a noun?

(uncountable) The one or ones mentioned previously.

Is it above mentioned or abovementioned?

above mentioned isn't really two words. It's a one-word adjective.

What does forth mentioned mean?

English Language Learners Definition of aforementioned

: mentioned before : spoken about or named earlier.

Is notwithstanding same as despite?

"Despite" is a preposition and introduces a noun phrase, and so can replace "notwithstanding" when it introduces a noun phrase. "Notwithstanding that" introduces a clause rather than a phrase. The clause can be somewhat ambiguous about whether it indicates that its content is the case or merely may be the case.

What does withstanding mean in English?

transitive verb. 1a : to stand up against : oppose with firm determination especially : to resist successfully. b : to be proof against : resist the effect of withstand the impact of a landing — Current Biography.

What is the difference between notwithstanding And although?

As conjunctions the difference between though and notwithstanding. is that though is despite the fact that; although while notwithstanding is although.

How do you use the word notwithstanding?

in spite of; without being opposed or prevented by: Notwithstanding a brilliant defense, he was found guilty. She went to the game anyway, doctor's orders notwithstanding. in spite of the fact that; although: It was the same material, notwithstanding the texture seemed different.