What is the word shamos?

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Shamos meaning
Shamos, an alternative spelling for shamas or shamash, is the candle used to light the other candles on a Chanukah menorah, also called a helper candle. The candle that sits in the middle of a Chanukah menorah is an example of a shamos.

What do Shamuses do?

A private investigator. [Perhaps from the common Irish name Séamus, James (from the many Irish Americans who traditionally served on American police forces ), or from shammes (the duties of a detective being likened to those of a shamash ).]

What does the Supplanter mean?

1 : to supersede (another) especially by force or treachery. 2a(1) obsolete : uproot. (2) : to eradicate and supply a substitute for efforts to supplant the vernacular. b : to take the place of and serve as a substitute for especially by reason of superior excellence or power.

What does supplant mean in the Bible?

1. To take the place of or substitute for (another): Computers have largely supplanted typewriters. See Synonyms at replace. 2. To usurp the place of, especially through intrigue or underhanded tactics: In the Bible, Jacob supplants his older brother Esau.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name James?

View all boy names. James is a classic, traditional and Biblical name (Saint James, of course, was one of Jesus' 12 apostles) meaning "supplanter" or "replacer." It's derived from the Latin Jacomus which also means "may God protect." Shakespeare was a big fan of James.

What's the Word?

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Is Shamus in the Bible?

Shamus is an Irish form of James, ultimately derived from Jacob. Jacob is derived from the Hebrew name 'Yaakov', which means 'following after'. This is derived from the Hebrew words 'Yahweh', which means 'God', and 'aqeb', which means 'heel'. In the Bible, Jacob was born after Esau, holding after Esau's heel.

What does it mean to call someone a gumshoe?

“To gumshoe” came to mean to sneak around quietly as if wearing gumshoes. It did not initially only apply to detectives; it could mean anyone being sneaky or stealthy, robbers and thief-catchers alike. A “gumshoe man” or “gumshoe worker” was originally slang for 'thief'.

What does come up mean?

: a deserved rebuke or penalty : deserts One of these days, he'll get his comeuppance for treating people so arrogantly.

What is another word for coming up with?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for come-up-with, like: propose, suggest, supply, originate, discover, offer, find, invent, produce, stumble on and create.

What is the phrasal verb of come up?

(of an event or a time) to be going to happen very soon Her birthday is coming up soon. to be dealt with by a court Her divorce case comes up next month. (usually used in the progressive tenses) (informal) to arrive; to be ready soon “Is lunch ready?” “Coming up!”

Does Away mean?

do away with. 1 : to put an end to : abolish, discontinue the motor did not do away with steam power— Roger Burlingame attempted to do away with the entire civic art program— Jules Langsner. 2 : to put to death : kill thousands of persons have been done away with in this manner — Manchester Guardian Weekly.

Is gumshoe an insult?

Gumshoe, a slang term for a private detective, from those that wore street shoes with a thick, soft and quiet rubber sole.

What is gumshoe work?

verb (used without object), gum·shoed, gum·shoe·ing. Slang. to work as a detective. to go softly, as if wearing rubber shoes; move or act snoopily or stealthily.

What is a gum rubber sole?

The gum sole is a natural rubber made from tapping the hevea brasiliensis tree (also known as “rubber trees”), sort of like tapping maple syrup. The milky white fluid from inside the tree is essentially a type of latex that gets heat-treated to break up most of its proteins and create rubber.

Is there a nickname for Seamus?

Variant spellings include Seamus, Seamas, Séamas, Seumas, Seumus, Shaymus, Sheamus and Shamus. Diminutives include Séimí, Séimín and Séamaisín.

What is the Scottish name for James?

HAMISH – You don't get much more Scottish than Hamish. A classic name option still going strong today, this charming pick is the Scots version of James.

Is Shay short for Seamus?

Shay can be short for both Seamus, Shane or Shayne, however it is now more commonly used as a given name in its own right.

What is gumshoe salary?

According to Google, the average salary a year is $45,610. ... So we can assume that Gumshoe was making around $45,610 before the salary cuts. Now, according to theguardian.com, whenever someone loses his salary, it gets cut by 10% - 20%.

What does Gumshoos mean?

intransitive verb. : to engage in detective work.

Where does the word gumshoe originate?

From etymonline: gumshoe (n.) "plainclothes detective," 1906, from the rubber-soled shoes they wore (which were so called from 1863); from gum (n. 1) + shoe (n.).

Why do they call private eyes gumshoes?

The connotation of gumshoe as a private detective stems from the idea that rubber-soled shoes give the wearer the ability to walk stealthily. "Gumshoe man" was originally a term derived for a thief, but that meaning transferred in the early 1900s, and the term "gumshoe" has meant a detective ever since.

What is gumshoe noir?

Gumshoe (1971) is not really a film noir itself, but it is an overt homage to noir and hard boiled detective writing. The main character is a playful underachiever (Albert Finney) who is in love with nasty noir and the works of Marlowe and Chandler. On a lark, he runs a private detective ad.

What is gumshoe research?

Gumshoe research can be defined as an analyzing method that mostly helps a business analyze the demand levels of a particular product in the market....

What does look down upon mean?

to show contempt for. I am tired of the way they look down on us like we aren't good enough for them.

Do sth up meaning?

to repair or decorate a building so that it looks attractive. (Definition of do sth up from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)