What is the meaning of terrance?

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Save to list. Boy. Meaning taken from the Roman family name of Terentius, meaning "smooth". Terrance Malik, American war film director, is well known for directing "Thin red line in 1998".

What is the meaning of Terrence?

Latin Baby Names Meaning:

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Terrence is: Smooth; Roman clan name.

What does Terence mean in the Bible?

Meaning: From an ancient roman clan. Details Meaning: Meaning taken from the Roman family name of Terentius, meaning "smooth".

What origin is the name Terrence?

Terence is a male given name, derived from the Latin name Terentius. The diminutive form is Terry. Spelling variants include Terrence, Terrance, Terance and (in Scotland) Torrance.

Is Terrance a good name?

Terrance is definitely a nice name with an English sensibility and an intelligent quality. We like the derivation from the Gaelic Toirdhealbhach best. People may look upon “instigators” in a negative light, but we see them as “starters” who make things happen.


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Is Terence in the Bible?

Terence was a 1st-century bishop of Iconium. He may have been the Tertius mentioned by Saint Paul the Apostle in Romans 16.22 (although the Wiki article has different feast days), He was martyred. His feast day is June 21.

What is the meaning of the name Terence?

In Latin Baby Names the meaning of the name Terence is: Smooth.

What does the name gwynfor mean?

Meaning of Gwynfor: Fair lord or fair place. Gwynfor Origin: Welsh.

Is Terrence a unisex name?

Terrence is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Latin. Terrence name meanings is From an ancient roman clan. Other similar sounding names can be Torrence, Terrance, Torrance, Terence.

What does the name Trevor mean?

Word/name. Welsh, Irish. Meaning. "homestead, settlement"; "industrious", "ambitious", or "prudent"; "large, big" Trevor is a given name and surname of Welsh and Irish origin.

What is a unique boy name?

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  • Aarav (peaceful)
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  • Chandran (moon)
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What is the meaning of Kevin name?

Kevin (/ˈkɛvɪn/) is the anglicized form of the Irish masculine given name Caoimhín (Modern Irish: [ˈkiːvʲiːnʲ]; Middle Irish: Caoimhghín [ˈkəiṽʲʝiːnʲ]; Old Irish: Cóemgein [ˈkoiṽʲɣʲinʲ]; Latinized as Coemgenus). It is composed of caomh "dear; noble"; Old Irish cóem and -gin ("birth"; Old Irish gein).

Why did Terrence Afton change his name?

Terrence Afton is suspected to be Micheal Afton's (from sister location) past name. Using the theory that Micheal=FoxyBro, if you were recognized as a murderer everywhere you went for killing your younger sibling I'm sure you would want to go unnoticed, therefore changing his name might have been his strategy.

What is Terry short for male?

diminutive of Terence or Teresa or Lefteris (Eleftherios) Terry is both a masculine and feminine given name, derived directly from French Thierry and eventually from Theodoric. It can also be used as a diminutive nickname for the given names Teresa or Theresa (feminine) or Terence or Lefteris (masculine).

Is Terence an Irish name?

Irish: Anglicized ('translated') form of Gaelic Mac Toirdhealbhaigh (see Turley). Terence was sometimes used as an English equivalent of the Gaelic personal name Toirdhealbach.

What's the meaning of Tristan?

French origin: "sad" or "sorrowful" Other names. Related names. Tristom, Tristão, etc. Tristan or Tristram or Tristen is a given name of Welsh origin.

What is the meaning of Taran?

The name Taran is primarily a male name of Welsh origin that means Thunder. Also a Persian name meaning "white rose" or "field"

What is Terence in Irish?

Answer. Terence in Irish is Traolach.

Is Chris Afton real?

Chris Afton is a fanmade character, and it's michael that is the "crying child" terrence accidentally killed chris (on the bite of 1983), he needed to change his identity so he wouldn't be seen as a child murderer, therefore, Terrence is Michel.

Does Springtrap like Ballora?

However, on a Valentine's Day video of Tony's, in which it is implied that Springtrap has a crush for Ballora, fans commented that Ballora actually is Springtrap's wife.

Is Glitchtrap a boy or girl?

Glitchtrap takes on the form of a man wearing a Spring Bonnie costume - who is a grinning, bipedal, golden-yellow rabbit. He is wearing a purple star-speckled vest, a purple bow tie, and two black buttons near the top of his chest.

Is Kevin an attractive name?

Kevin - the LEAST attractive male name according to this study is Kevin, followed by Justin, Marvin, and Dennis. ... The MOST attractive female name is Charlotte, followed by Emma, Hannah, and Marie.

Is Kevin a good name?

At the nexus of globalism, status markers, and the Simmel effect, we find the case of “Kevin.” Originally Anglicized from an Irish name, Kevin is best-known today as American. The treatment of Kevin around the world is no good — but it's not as simple as a general disdain for American names, either.

What is the mean of Kevin?

The name Kevin is of Irish origin and means "handsome." It is derived from the Irish name Caoimhín, which originated from the elements coém, meaning “handsome” and gein, meaning “birth.”

What is the rarest boy name?

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  • Tobias. ...
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  • Wilder. ...
  • Wren. It is a name from the Middle English period. ...
  • Zachary. This name is a rare name. ...
  • Zane. This name has a Hebrew origin, and it means “gift of God”.
  • Zyair. This name has its roots in the African culture.