Sikorsky Baki, an experienced pilot and captain of a small plane, has been missing since July 2019. The plane he was flying vanished suddenly from radar, and no trace of it has been found since. This article will explain the details of Sikorsky Baki’s disappearance and the subsequent search for the missing plane.

Sikorsky Baki’s Disappearance

On July 8th, 2019, Sikorsky Baki, a pilot from Russia, took off from Moscow in a small plane. He was expected to arrive in Sochi, a city located in the south of Russia, the same day. Baki had flown this route multiple times before, and was considered an experienced pilot.

However, at approximately 2:00 pm, the plane suddenly vanished from the radar without any warning. No distress signal was sent, and the plane never arrived in Sochi. An extensive search was launched for the missing plane, but no trace of it was ever found.

Search for the Missing Plane

In the days following Baki’s disappearance, the Russian authorities launched a massive search effort to locate the missing plane. The search included both air and ground efforts, and involved both the Russian military and civilian volunteers.

The search was concentrated in the area between Moscow and Sochi, as well as in the nearby Black Sea. The search teams combed the area for any sign of the missing plane, but nothing was found. After several weeks, the search was called off, and the plane was declared lost.

Sikorsky Baki’s disappearance remains a mystery. Despite the extensive search effort, no trace of the missing plane has been found. The cause of the disappearance remains unknown, and the fate of Sikorsky Baki is still uncertain.