What does the word flurrying meaning?

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: to cause to become agitated and confused. intransitive verb. : to move in an agitated or confused manner. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About flurry.

Is flurry a real word?

noun, plural flur·ries. a light, brief shower of snow. sudden commotion, excitement, or confusion; nervous hurry: There was a flurry of activity before the guests arrived.

What is flurry vocabulary?

A light blowing swirl of snow that's just barely falling is a flurry. ... You can describe a snow flurry, or a similarly swirling flurry of leaves or papers. When people act this way, rushing and fussing around, that's another kind of flurry.

What does it mean to be spontaneous?

1 : proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint. 2 : arising from a momentary impulse. 3 : controlled and directed internally : self-acting spontaneous movement characteristic of living things. 4 : produced without being planted or without human labor : indigenous.

What is a slurry definition?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a watery mixture of insoluble matter (such as mud, lime, or plaster of paris)

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What is another word for slurry?

Slurry synonyms

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for slurry, like: biosolids, sludge, manure, leachate, effluent, quicklime, fertiliser, sorbent and fym.

What is a slurry when cooking?

A thickening mixture that is made up of equal parts flour and water, that is prepared for use in making soups, stews and sauces. Once the slurry is added the mixture should be thoroughly cooked for several minutes to eliminate the raw taste of the flour.

What is spontaneous behavior?

Spontaneous behavior is performed "without any constraint, effort, or premeditation." It's thereby understandable as "unplanned" or "impromptu" (Webster's New World Dictionary/WNYThesaurus). ... Inevitably, then, such behavior exposes us to risk, puts our welfare in jeopardy.

Is spontaneous negative or positive?

negative, the process is spontaneous and may proceed in the forward direction as written. positive, the process is non-spontaneous as written, but it may proceed spontaneously in the reverse direction. zero, the process is at equilibrium, with no net change taking place over time.

Is being spontaneous a good thing?

Being open to spontaneous events and allowing our mind time to reflect on things, rather than rushing from one planned activity to the next, can be very beneficial for our emotional health. ... “One is that it fires up the kind of thinking that produces creativity and enhances our emotional intelligence and intuition.

What is a example of flurry?

A sudden, brief rush of wind; gust. ... An example of a flurry is when snowflakes are carried along in the wind and are swirling about in the air; a snow flurry. An example of a flurry is when 20 people arrive all at once to a party; a flurry of activity.

What is a flurry?

1a : a gust of wind. b : a brief light snowfall. 2a : a brief period of commotion or excitement. b : a sudden occurrence of many things at once : barrage sense 2 a flurry of insults. 3 : a brief advance or decline in prices : a short-lived outburst of trading activity.

How do you use the word flurry in a sentence?

Flurry sentence example
  1. The week started with a flurry of activity. ...
  2. He paused for a brief flurry of clapping. ...
  3. He came down the steps amid a flurry of activity. ...
  4. Truth be known, he felt a small measure of relief, at least until he opened the mail to a flurry of bills. ...
  5. The flurry of words left before she could temper them.

Is snow a flurry?

Types of snowfall

A snow flurry is snow that falls for short durations and with varying intensity; flurries usually produce little accumulation. A snow squall is a brief, but intense snowfall that greatly reduces visibility and which is often accompanied by strong winds.

What is a flurry boxing?

A shoeshine combination is a flurry of quick little punches. Their emphasis is purely on speed. Shoeshine flurries are often thrown with improper punching technique, but pure speed sometimes gets the job done.

Who is a spontaneous person?

When spontaneous is used to describe a person, it means they have a tendency to or are known for doing things impulsively and without planning. This is usually used in a positive way to portray them as a fun person who is adventurous and willing to do things on the spur of the moment.

Which process is spontaneous?

Definition of a Spontaneous Process

A spontaneous process is one that occurs on its own, without any energy input from the outside. For example, a ball will roll down an incline; water will flow downhill; ice will melt into water; radioisotopes will decay; and iron will rust.

How do you know if its spontaneous or Nonspontaneous?

A mathematical combination of enthalpy change and entropy change allows the change in free energy to be calculated. A reaction with a negative value for ΔG releases free energy and is thus spontaneous. A reaction with a positive ΔG is nonspontaneous and will not favor the products.

What are spontaneous people like?

In general, someone with a spontaneous personality at work is rather unpredictable, preferring to act or say whatever seems right at the moment. An excellent example is a stand-up comedian who never knows what may happen and seems to have a knack for rolling with the punches and handling whatever comes their way.

What is spontaneous wisdom?

We have knowledge that we can use, and sometimes do, but it is not with conscious contemplation or thought. Spontaneous Wisdom: ... It activates in an instant, such as when you without thought swerve your car to miss a hazard.

What's the difference between spontaneous and impulsive?

Impulsive behavior is always characterized by little or no forethought. We are too quick to jump the gun on what we think in the moment is a very good idea. ... Spontaneity, on the other hand, is pausing to “play the movie forward” to think about any possible consequences for others or for ourselves.

What are the 3 stages of a roux?

In French cuisine, roux is cooked to one of three stages: white, blond and brown. (New Orleans cuisine has even more shadings, including red and black.) The longer the cooking period, the darker the roux.

Why use a slurry instead of a roux?

But a slurry added toward the end of cooking is another easy way to get a thicker, more luxurious sauce without a lot of fuss! ... A roux is cooked, uses fat, and is added at the beginning of cooking. In comparison, a slurry is uncooked, needs no fat, and is added at the end of cooking.

Which two mother sauces do not use a roux?

5. Hollandaise. This is the one mother sauce not thickened by a roux. Instead, it's thickened by an emulsion of egg yolk and melted butter, which means it's a stable mixture of two things that usually normally can't blend together.