What does co discoverer mean?

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: to discover (something) with one or more others : to be one of the discoverers of (something) … James D. Watson, the scientist who co-discovered the double-helical structure of DNA …— Steven Weinberg.

What does co Currently mean?

(kən-kûr′ənt, -kŭr′-) adj. 1. Happening, existing, or done at the same time as something else: dealing with concurrent crises.

What does co Use mean?

1 to use badly or cruelly; abuse; maltreat.

What is co short for?

"Co" is just an abbreviation for the word "company." A company is an association of people working in a commercial business. This can be a limited liability company, sole proprietorship, or another structure. Abbreviating "company" as "co" does not have a specific meaning regarding a business's legal structure.

What is an example of co?

The definition of co means together, partner, assistant, equally or jointly. An example of co is cofounder, which a person who partnered with another person to found a company or organization. An example of co is cochair, which is a person who is jointly in charge of something with another.

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What is the difference between currently and concurrently?

Concurrent means happening at the same time, as in two movies showing at the same theater on the same weekend. You might notice another adjective, current, in concurrent. While current refers to something that is happening right now, concurrent describes two or more things happening at the same time.

What is the difference between consecutive and concurrent?

When sentences run consecutively, the defendant serves them back to back (one after the other). When they run concurrently, the defendant serves them at the same time.

What is it called when two things cause each other?

reciprocal Add to list Share. ... The word mutual is a near synonym in most uses: reciprocal/mutual friendship, describing, a relationship in which two people feel the same way about each other, or do or give similar things to each other.

What is a word for one thing leading to another?

causal Add to list Share. Have you ever heard the saying "One thing leads to another"? When one thing is known for certain to cause another thing, then the first thing can be called causal. Causal is a variation of the word cause, which should be a clue to its meaning.

What is it called when one thing affects another and vice versa?

interrelated. adjective. things that are interrelated affect each other because they are related in some way.

What is the word for saying one thing and meaning another?

People who say things facetiously are being a little bit sarcastic, saying one thing and meaning another, or treating a serious subject in a funny way.

What is the longest sentence ever given?

1. Chamoy Thipyaso, Thailand – 141,078 years. The longest ever prison sentence was given to Chamoy Thipyaso, a Thai woman who defrauded 16,000 people in a pyramid scheme which netted her more than $200 million. In 1989, a judge sentenced her to an astonishing 141,078 years for corporate fraud.

How much time do you serve on a 8 year sentence?

If your son was sentenced for a federal crime, for 8 years, then he will get 47 days good conduct time for every year he serves if he stays out of trouble. You do the math, but he will be doing about six and one half years.

Why are there sentences over 100 years?

Some may wonder about the point of a centuries-long sentence – far longer than a human could serve. ... In many cases, a prisoner's multiple sentences would run “concurrently,” meaning he serves all of them at the same time – so a person could serve five 20-year sentences in 20 years, not in 100.

What is the difference between existing and current?

is that existing is that exists, or has existence, especially that exists now while current is existing or occurring at the moment.

Are concurrent lines?

Concurrent lines are the lines, in 2-D geometry, which intersect each other exactly at one point. The meaning of concurrent is happening at the same time or point. ... Concurrent lines are non-parallel lines and extend indefinitely at both the direction. They intersect each other at a point somewhere in the plane.

What does runs concurrently mean?

A concurrent sentence refers to a type of sentence judges are able to give defendants convicted of more than one crime. Instead of serving each sentence one after another, a concurrent sentence allows the defendant to serve all of their sentences at the same time, where the longest period of time is controlling.

What is 85 of a 5 year sentence?

85 = 51 months or 4 years 3 months.

How many months is a year in jail?

How many months is a year in jail? - Quora. The same as out of jail… 12 months = 1 year…

How much of a 9 year sentence will I serve?

For example, someone sentenced to 9 years imprisonment on 31st of March this year would be automatically released after serving 4 and a half years. If Parliament approves this legislation, an individual sentenced to 9 years imprisonment on one April would serve 6 years in custody.

What was the shortest jail sentence ever?

He was only sentenced to 1 minute in jail for his crime of being 'drunk and disorderly' because the Judge didn't wan't to punish him but wanted to 'teach him a lesson'

Who is the oldest prisoner?

Released in 2011 at the age of 108, Brij Bihari Pandey is the oldest prisoner ever in the world. Although Pandey technically only served a two-year sentence, he has been in jail since 1987 after he was arrested for the murder of four people.

How long is a life sentence in USA?

In most of the United States, a life sentence means a person in prison for 15 years with the chance for parole. It can be very confusing to hear a man sentenced to life, but then 15 years later they are free.

When people say one thing but does another?

When actions, thoughts and words are disconnected, a person lacks congruency. ... They end up out of sync and lacking in self-awareness. They do something because maybe it feels good in that moment and seems like a very good idea.

What's it called when someone says something rude in a nice way?

uncouth. adjective. behaving in a way that polite people consider rude or offensive.