What does chinfest mean?

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slang. : an instance of talking together or conferring especially informally : discussion, gab.

What does Chummies mean?

informal. friendly; intimate; sociable.

What does the snooty mean?

1 : looking down the nose : showing disdain. 2 : characterized by snobbery a snooty store. Other Words from snooty Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About snooty.

What does Ercles mean?

Ercles vein, a rousing, somewhat bombastic manner of public speaking or writing. In William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (Act I, scene 2), “Ercles' vein” is Bottom's expression for the style of speech he considers appropriate to the character of “Ercles,” i.e., Hercules.

What does Causticization mean?

1 : to make caustic especially : to convert (alkaline carbonate) into a hydroxide by the use of lime. 2 : to treat (textiles) with caustic alkali — compare mercerize.

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What is Causticisation process?

One of the most important is the causticisation of process liquors, in which lime is used to convert soluble sodium carbonate into caustic, i.e. sodium hydroxide. ... The methodology can be used to facilitate optimal lime reagent choice and dosage in industrial alumina Bayer refineries.

Is snooty a real word?

Snooty means snobby. It's typically used to describe a person who thinks they have better taste or higher standards than other people and treats them in a condescending way because of it. Snooty is always used negatively. ... A snooty person can be called a snoot, which means the same thing as snob.

What does it mean if something is pretentious?

1 : characterized by pretension: such as. a : making usually unjustified or excessive claims (as of value or standing) the pretentious fraud who assumes a love of culture that is alien to him— Richard Watts.

Who is a smug?

A smug person is self-satisfied. You can usually recognize someone who is pleased with himself by his smug little smile and self-righteous remarks. Smug is the opposite of modest and unsure. In cartoons, the smug character often walks around with his chest puffed out and his ego leading the way.

What does Chimmy mean?

"Chimmy" In Jamaica it's just a pot in the 70-80s Era,It's what our grandparents Used to Urinate in At night when they woke up during the late night hours,and they would empty it in the morning when the got Up "Chinmy"... Leblack Feb 25, 2015. The pot Called "Dodoo" in Suriname and in some part of French Guyane.

What does it mean to take a beat?

: to be beaten badly in a game or contest The team took a beating in last night's game. —often used figuratively to suggest a setback or loss Our plans took a real beating from the review committee.

Is Smug a bad word?

irritatingly pleased with oneself; self-satisfied. If you click on the 'on context' link above the definition on the definition page, you will see examples of how we use it. It is generally regarded as negative, though how severe a criticism it is depends on context.

Is being smug bad?

It may be a minor failing, but it is, admittedly, often an undesirable trait. We should distinguish, though between actions and feelings. We can work at not exhibiting smugness in our words and deeds; it is much harder to avoid feeling smug in some situations, just as it can be hard not to feel envy or jealousy.

Is Smug an emotion?

Exhibiting or feeling great or offensive satisfaction with oneself or with one's situation; self-righteously complacent: a smug look; a smug critic.

What is a pretentious woman?

If you say that someone or something is pretentious, you mean that they try to seem important or significant, but you do not think that they are.

Is pretentious an insult?

“Pretentious” is one of those words you don't hear a lot once you reach adulthood. ... On the one hand, it's a real shame because “pretentious” is a fantastically declarative-sounding insult, and unlike other teen favorites such “poseur”, it still packs a punch when adults hear it directed at them.

How do you spot a pretentious person?

Here a few signs that someone is pretentious:
  1. They believe that liking obscure hobbies or having eccentric interests makes them smart or special. ...
  2. They use long words or jargon because they think it makes them look intelligent or cultured.

What means hoity toity?

1 : thoughtlessly silly or frivolous : flighty. 2 : marked by an air of assumed importance : highfalutin a hoity-toity college professor The restaurant was too hoity-toity for my tastes.

Is Snoopy a word?

adjective, snoop·i·er, snoop·i·est. Informal. characterized by meddlesome curiosity; prying.

What is Tagalog word Suplada in English?

Suplada is an adjective that describes women who aren't very friendly or snobbish or unapproachable. For boys, who fit that description, they are called “suplado”. For example, if you greet a person and that person ignored you, they could be “suplada” or “suplado”.

What is Gossage process?

The process involved the use of coal, limestone, salt and sulphuric acid, which produced copious quantities of hydrogen chloride. The noxious gas destroyed the crops of nearby farmers. By 1836 Gossage had solved the problem with his Gossage Tower.

Which salt is prepared by Solvay process?

The Solvay process or ammonia-soda process is the major industrial process for the production of sodium carbonate (soda ash, Na2CO3).

What is soda lime?

Soda lime is a mixture of NaOH & CaO chemicals, used in granular form in closed breathing environments, such as general anaesthesia, submarines, rebreathers and recompression chambers, to remove carbon dioxide from breathing gases to prevent CO2 retention and carbon dioxide poisoning.

How can you tell if someone is smug?

Here are seven subtle signs that you might be coming off as arrogant rather than confident, according to experts.
  1. You Ignore Other People's Opinions. ...
  2. You Don't Give Credit To Others. ...
  3. You Talk Over Others. ...
  4. Your Relationships Feel Superficial. ...
  5. You Can't Accept Feedback. ...
  6. You Worry What People Think About You.

What does it mean if someone calls you smug?

1 : highly self-satisfied. 2 : trim or smart in dress : spruce. 3 : scrupulously clean, neat, or correct : tidy.