What does chaseable meaning?

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1. to follow rapidly or intently to seize, overtake, etc.; pursue: to chase a thief. 2. to pursue with intent to capture or kill, as game; hunt.

What does chased mean in Old English?

Chased is the past tense of chase, a verb that means to pursue, to trail someone, to attempt to attain something, to woo someone. The word chased is derived from Old French word chacier, which means to hunt. Related words are chase, chases, chasing, chaser.

What is Chasable?

: suitable for being chased : fit for hunting.

What is this word chasing?

Verb (1) chase, pursue, follow, trail mean to go after or on the track of something or someone. chase implies going swiftly after and trying to overtake something fleeing or running. a dog chasing a cat pursue suggests a continuing effort to overtake, reach, or attain.

Can engrave mean chase?

Chased noun – A person who is being chased. Engraved and chased are semantically related In some cases you can use "Engraved" instead an adjective "Chased".

What does ARCHAIC mean?

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What does it mean when someone chases you?

If someone chases someone that they are attracted to, or chases after them, they try hard to persuade them to have a sexual relationship with them. I didn't go around flirting or chasing women. If someone chases you from a place, they force you to leave by using threats or violence.

What does no Chase mean?

A no-chase policy means that when an officer runs plates and finds that the registered owner of the vehicle has an outstanding warrant, they would attempt to pull that person over. However, if the person takes off, then they would not pursue a chase.

What do you call someone who is chasing you?

A pursuer is someone who is chasing someone or something.

What is a word for coming after?

Frequently Asked Questions About follow

Some common synonyms of follow are ensue, succeed, and supervene. While all these words mean "to come after something or someone," follow may apply to a coming after in time, position, or logical sequence.

What does chasing mean in a relationship?

Chasing someone is a thrill… one that you probably don't get to revel in when you're in a secure relationship. Scientifically, having a crush and falling for someone releases feel-good hormones like dopamine and adrenaline. Part of the chase is a chase for those brain chemicals, to feel those euphoric feelings again.

What does chasuble mean in English?

: a sleeveless outer vestment worn by the officiating priest at mass.

Who wears a dalmatic?

Dalmatic, liturgical vestment worn over other vestments by Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and some Anglican deacons. It probably originated in Dalmatia (now in Croatia) and was a commonly worn outer garment in the Roman world in the 3rd century and later. Gradually, it became the distinctive garment of deacons.

Is Chaseable a word?

The act of chasing; pursuit.

What does staying chased mean?

pursued; driven or expelled by force or harassment: chased out of the house. Not to be confused with: chaste – virgin; celibate; undefiled; pure in style; simple: a chaste design.

What does stay chaste mean?

chaste, pure, modest, decent mean free from all taint of what is lewd or salacious. chaste primarily implies a refraining from acts or even thoughts or desires that are not virginal or not sanctioned by marriage vows.

What is chaste behavior?

adjective. If you describe a person or their behavior as chaste, you mean that they do not have sex with anyone, or they only have sex with their husband or wife. [old-fashioned] He remained chaste.

What is a word for come before?

To precede is to come before.

What does it mean to come after someone?

: to chase (someone) : to try to find or capture (someone you want to hurt or punish) They're worried that the government might be coming after them.

What is the same meaning of succeed?

1a : to come next after another in office or position or in possession of an estate especially : to inherit sovereignty, rank, or title. b : to follow after another in order. 2a : to turn out well. b : to attain a desired object or end students who succeed in college.

What does it mean to chase a girl?

3 verb If someone chases someone that they are attracted to, or chasesafter them, they try hard to persuade them to have a sexual relationship with them. I'm not very good at flirting or chasing women... `I was always chasing after unsuitable men,' she says.

What is to pursue someone?

pursue verb [T] (FOLLOW)

to follow someone or something, usually to try to catch him, her, or it: The car was pursued by helicopters.

Are you chasing me meaning?

chase verb (FOLLOW)

to hurry after someone or something in order to catch him, her, or it: The police car was going so fast, it must have been chasing someone.

Why do stores have no chase policy?

A trend in retail sales is to instruct employees to not attempt to stop a shoplifter. Such “no pursuit” policies among retailers have implications for police. Principally, this turns a responding officer into little more than a report taker, not an enforcer of the law.

Can police chase you in Georgia?

In Georgia, innocent bystanders, or their representative at law, may be able to hold police officers accountable for their damages if their injury or death was caused by a reckless disregard of proper police procedure. ...

What Chase man means?

When you chase a man, you are telling yourself: You DON'T think you are worthy of his pursuit. You're attracted to a new guy and he seems like he is interested in you, too.