Was rayna cruz a doppelganger?

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Physical Appearance. As a young woman, Rayna has long black/dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. According to Damon, she bears a resemblance to Elena Gilbert and her three doppelgängers.

Is Rayna Cruz supposed to be a doppelganger?

We threw in a couple jokes about it, but truthfully, there is no mythological reason for it.” We've been wondering if there was any significance behind Rayna Cruz being an Elena look-a-like (and who can blame us with the million doppelgängers she has), but apparently there isn't.

Who was the first Petrova doppelganger?

Tatia (1st Petrova Doppelgänger): Tatia was born during the 10th century AD and lived in what would be the United States during the 10th century and was a contemporary of the Mikaelson Family.

Who is Rayna TVD?

Rayna Cruz was a Shamanic Huntress hailing around the 19th Century, the daughter of Vicente Cruz, who was a member of the Brotherhood of the Five, and was a fierce vampire huntress whose sole purpose was to eradicate and incarcerate vampires within the Phoenix Stone.

Who was the original Salvatore doppelganger?

7 Silas. Silas originated the doppelganger bloodline that led to Stefan Salvatore. Silas pledged his love to Qetsiyah to gain immortality and became the first being of his kind.

Rayna Petrova "Family is the very reason this is my nature" [ Alternative Universe ]

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Does Stefan have a child?

Stefan Salvatore and Valerie Tulle's Unborn Child was a fetus that was first mentioned in Age of Innocence. This child was killed by Julian in 1863. In Stefan's dream, he was an eleven year old boy named Jacob who was, seemingly, human.

Are doppelgangers blood related?

The blood of a doppelgänger can be used to link supernatural beings with the help of magic conducted by any witch. Their blood can also be used to bind an extremely powerful curse or spell or to use as a power source in spells that require more magic than the witch in question possesses on their own.

Is Rayna Cruz stronger than Klaus?

Her strength seems to be able to match that of even the most ancient vampires in the world as she was able to fight and slaughter many Strix members and even frighten Klaus himself. ... Each life Rayna loses makes her stronger and was able to easily overpower a vampire with one hand when she was down to her last life.

Did Damon really burn Elena's body?

Without thinking it was real and just another cruel hallucination outside of the Phoenix Stone, Damon pours gasoline onto Elena's coffin and body and hallucinates seeing Elena burn to death. Damon was horrified at what he had done though and this showed Elena's coffin burning to ashes, although it was fake.

Why did Enzo let Rayna out?

Damon later call Enzo and finds out that Enzo took Rayna because Enzo was using the huntress to help Bonnie Bennett. The two have a disagreement however, with Damon saying that he needs Rayna to get his brother Stefan back. ... They help Rayna in order to protect Bonnie's life.

Who got Katerina Petrova pregnant?

Early History. : Катерина Петрова) was born into a noble and wealthy Bulgarian family on June 5, 1473. In 1490, when she was about 16 or 17 years of age, Katerina became pregnant by an unknown man, a Traveler, and her family disowned her for the shameful birth of an illegitimate daughter.

Who is Katherine's baby daddy?

Throughout The Vampire Diaries

In the season four finale of The Vampire Diaries, Graduation, Katherine slept with Niklaus Mikaelson and conceived her daughter, Adyelya.

Do doppelgangers go to the other side?

IIRC later in season 5 they mention that doppelgangers go to the other side. That they are supernatural but don't really have any powers beyond the value of their blood. They exist via magical means to let Silas/Amara die.

Why did Nora stab Stefan?

As Julian blamed Damon and Stefan for the death of their mother Lily, Julian's one true love, he wanted to trap their souls in the stone as punishment. ... Julian then gave the sword to Nora, who stabbed Stefan in the heart, killing him and trapping his soul in the stone as payback for kidnapping Mary Louise.

Who kills Stefan?

As things begin to spiral out of control, Stefan was unexpectedly killed by Julian, a Traveler warlock, while trying to protect Caroline, but he was resurrected after Damon, Caroline and Elena's plan to bring him back from The Other Side is a success.

How did Stefan lose his scar?

It seems that Stefan has lost his body and someone else has taken his place. ... As the Salvatore brothers were talking on the phone, Rayna used her sword and attacked Stefan. As he fell to the ground, Damon tried to have the scar transferred to himself.

Does Damon cheat on Elena?

I do like the person Damon became through being with Elena though. Yes, Elena was unfaithful and disrespectful towards Stefan. Elena kissed Damon at the end of Season 2, when her and Stefan were STILL TOGETHER. No matter what that meant, it's cheating.

Did Damon and Elena have a baby?

Indeed, Stefanie Salvatore — as referenced during a Season 1 episode of The CW's Legacies — is the daughter of Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore, named in loving memory of the late, great Stefan.

Does Damon become human?

Stefan decides to take the human cure from his own veins, making him age faster and eventually, reach death. While Damon is already holding onto Katherine while waiting for the hellfire to kill both of them, Stefan injects the cure to Damon. Stefan saves Damon, who is now a human, and dies with Katherine.

Who is stronger Marcel or Klaus?

Similarly, Marcel was also stronger than the Originals and Klaus, fighting them with ease. Super Speed: They are also considerably much faster than most supernatural species seen thus far. They are quite possibly the fastest known creatures as Lucien was able to dodge Klaus' attacks effortlessly.

Is Kol stronger than Elijah?

Kol is a survivor and though he was introduced as an antagonist, his role later switched gears and he became one of the primary leads in the later seasons. He's not more powerful than Klaus or Elijah but he was also able to kill twelve vampires single-handedly; so clearly he has a lot of prowess.

Why do the Travellers want doppelganger blood?

The travelers want the blood of the last 2 doppelgängers(aka silas and amara dead?) so that they can get rid of spirit magic which they consider impure or perverted magic.

Is Elena and Katherine twins in real life?

They weren't biologically related, yet the two them look exactly alike. Ambra flew across the country to meet her twin stranger and her mother in person, and the whole experience was captured in a YouTube video uploaded Monday, August 31.

Is Silas stronger than Klaus?

Klaus is far more powerful than Silas because he's physically the second most powerful thing walking the planet (behind the Beast of the prophecy). Silas wasn't even as strong as a vampire, he's barely stronger than a human.