Griselda Blanco is a name that has become synonymous with the drug trade in South America. She was one of the most powerful drug lords in the world and her story has been depicted in various media, most recently in the Netflix series Narcos. In this article, we will look at Griselda Blanco’s story and whether she was in Narcos or not.

Griselda Blanco’s Story

Griselda Blanco was born in Cartagena, Colombia, in 1943. She was a member of the Medellin Cartel and was involved in the lucrative cocaine trade. She also had a reputation for being a ruthless and violent criminal. She was arrested several times for drug trafficking and murder and was eventually deported to the United States in 2004.

Blanco was well known for her ruthlessness and her willingness to use violence to get what she wanted. She was also known for her lavish lifestyle, which included expensive cars, jewelry, and extravagant parties. She was the subject of numerous books and films, including the Netflix series Narcos.

Was Griselda Blanco in Narcos?

Yes, Griselda Blanco was in Narcos. She was portrayed by Colombian actress Angie Cepeda in the show. Cepeda captured Blanco’s charisma and ruthlessness perfectly and her performance was praised by critics.

The show depicted Blanco’s rise to power and her eventual downfall. It also showed her violent methods and her clashes with rival drug lords. It was a fascinating and accurate portrayal of one of the most notorious drug lords in history.

Griselda Blanco was a notorious drug lord and her story has been depicted in various forms of media. She was in the hit Netflix series Narcos, where she was portrayed by Colombian actress Angie Cepeda. The show depicted her rise to power and her eventual downfall and was praised by critics for its accuracy.