Finding an excellent place to live has become a key concern for me as a young IT professional who has moved to a new location to continue my job requirement. It’s thrilling to move to a new city, but it can also be daunting, and I need a place to stay that will allow me to focus on my relaxation when I am home from the office. I’m looking for a place to live that gives me easy access to libraries, and other learning opportunities without being too distracting. I was looking for a new place to call home when I came across PVR Anmol, a rental meeting all my criteria. I first encountered PVR Anmol via internet browsing into numerous real estate websites, property portals, and I realised that NoBroker is the best trusted housing platform. 

The project’s focus on creating an excellent place for students to live drew my attention. I looked further into internet resources like the official website and social media channels to learn more about PVR Anmol. The official website for the project described the various housing options, the available facilities, and the property’s closeness to local business hubs in great detail. The neighbourhood and its many student-use amenities were featured prominently on the website.

In addition, I reached out to other local college students for advice on life in the region. Word-of-mouth introduced me to PVR Anmol, where I heard nothing but acclaim for the quality of the rooms, the helpful neighbours, and the central location.

PVR Anmol Price and Amenities that I Adore 

A fantastic property in a breathtakingly gorgeous region with lots of open space and green vegetation may be within your reach, depending on your financial circumstances. Apartments with similar features and locations can be found between 1.07 Crores and 1.29 Crores. The project’s excellent location is only one of many appealing features.

  • This property guarantees the protection of your loved ones with its 24-hour security, CCTV monitoring, and fire safety precautions that exceed industry standards.
  • An eco-friendlier way of living is possible by installing a rainwater collection system and sewage treatment facilities.
  • Vastu-compliant homes are always more cheerful and light because of this.
  • It has a gym, a swimming pool, and indoor activities to meet your fitness and recreation demands.
  • The neighbourhood clubhouse, community halls, and party grounds provide excellent venues for socialising and hosting events.
  • The resort provides guests with parking, gas pipes, intercoms, backup electricity, WiFi, and ATMs. 

Three Reasons Why I Recommend Buying a Property at PVR Anmol 

1. PVR Anmol Location Advantages 

PVR Anmol is the ideal place to call home, and you’ll quickly come to recognize this. 

The property’s location can make the following amenities available to you:

  • This site offers several benefits, including its closeness to Miyapur Metro Station.
  • The M/S Patel & Co. and Volvo Bus stop and a few others are within a three-minute walk.
  • Both the Bollaram Primary Health Care (PHC) Center and the Aswini Clinic may be reached in around ten to seventeen minutes.
  • Within 6-14 minutes, you may reach Chinatown’s Laxmi 70 mm, GSM Mall & Multiplex, Kites, and more.
  • Nearby shopping centres and supermarkets include the Grand Mall, Max, GSM Mall & Multiplex, Vijetha Super Market, Heritage Fresh, and many more, all of which can be accessed within 8 to 19 minutes of walking from PVR Anmolis.

2. Impressive Amenities at PVR Anmol 

If you want to live a lavish lifestyle, PVR Anmol is the place for you. PVR Anmol’s lifestyle selection was made with today’s consumers in mind. These requirements apply to both individual homes and community facilities. They raise the standard of living for locals by showing compassion for them. Thanks to features like environmental treatment plants and rainwater collection systems, inhabitants of this property may enjoy a clean, healthy, and sustainable setting in which to build their memories.

3. Reputed Builders 

PVR Developers India Pvt. Ltd. has been regarded as one of India’s leading property firms for quite some time. Some of its significant achievements include the construction of commercial buildings and residential communities. PVR Developers India Pvt Ltd. employs only the most dedicated, honest, competent, knowledgeable, and skilled architects, designers, builders, and labourers. 

As you can tell from my experience and the PVR Anmol review that I have penned here, I am certainly happy that I decided to purchase a property here. My house hunting efforts were made easy as I researched for verified property listings on The NoBroker waterproofing in Hyderabad also helped in setting up the current home that I was leaving.