The quarrel between Lomov and Natalya in Anton Chekhov’s play “The Proposal” is an iconic example of a classic misunderstanding between two lovers. This article will provide an overview of their quarrel and explore the causes that lead to it.

1. Overview of the Quarrel

The quarrel between Lomov and Natalya is the climax of Chekhov’s play “The Proposal”. It begins with a misunderstanding between the two lovers and quickly escalates into a heated argument. Lomov and Natalya both become increasingly angry and frustrated with each other, and the quarrel ends with Natalya storming out of the room in a fit of rage.

2. Causes of the Quarrel

The quarrel between Lomov and Natalya is caused by a number of factors. Firstly, both characters are very passionate and stubborn, and neither is willing to back down or compromise. This leads them to continually argue and refuse to listen to the other’s point of view.

Secondly, their misunderstanding is caused by a lack of communication. Neither of them is able to properly explain their feelings to the other, and this leads to further confusion and frustration.

Finally, the quarrel is caused by Lomov’s pride. He is unwilling to admit that he is wrong, and this leads to an even more heated argument.

The quarrel between Lomov and Natalya in “The Proposal” is an iconic example of a classic misunderstanding between two lovers. This article has provided an overview of their quarrel and explored the various causes that lead to it. It is clear that the quarrel is caused by a combination of factors, such as the characters’ stubbornness, a lack of communication, and Lomov’s pride.

Many people experience arguments with those they are closest to, with emotions often spilling over into the content of the argument. One of the classic stories that illustrates this is the play “The Proposal” by Anton Chekhov. In this story, two characters, Natalya and Lomov are presented at odds with one another as they come close to a possible marriage match for themselves. Though the play doesn’t detail every argument the couple has, there are some reoccurring issues that cause sparring between Natalya and Lomov during the course of the dialogue.

The first of these recurring issues is the fact that Natalya thinks her house is bigger than Lomov’s. Apparently, the size of one’s house is a point of contention between the two characters as Lomov claims that his house is actually bigger than Natalya’s. Lomov continues to push his point based on both the size of the property itself and the number of windows in each house, to which Natalya responds with her own counterarguments. This is a source of frequent arguing throughout the play.

Another source of contentions between Natalya and Lomov is the Chubukov estate. Natalya and Lomov are both interested in purchasing this estate, and it appears that they are seeking to determine which of them should be the one to purchase it. Throughout the play, they try to sway the other in their favor by making point by point arguments about why the estate should be theirs.

Finally, the couple quarrels about the matter of money in general. Natalya claims that Lomov does not have enough money to support her and her lifestyle, while Lomov argues that Natalya’s expectations for wealth are far too high. To this, Natalya retorts that her expectations are quite reasonable and that she is not asking for too much.

These arguments between Natalya and Lomov demonstrate how disagreements between people can often arise from little points of contention and that disagreements can often have deep emotions at their core. As the play comes to its conclusion, the two characters reconcile their differences and decide to move forward in their relationship, but there is no doubt that the passions between these two characters remains as powerful as ever.