Shopify to WIX migration is a fantastic way to take your business to the next level, but before making this transition, there are a few considerations you must keep in mind before taking this leap.

At first, you should back up all your store data – this includes products, orders, customer information, blog posts or website copy that may prove invaluable in future.

1. Back up your site

Before making any major changes to your site, it’s vitally important to create a backup. That way, should anything go amiss during migration, you can restore to its previous state quickly and easily. Wix offers automatic backup features while duplicating can provide manual protection as an added layer of security.

An alternative option for moving from Wix to Shopify quickly and cost-effectively is utilizing third-party software tools. Such tools provide quick assistance for moving customers, orders and data between platforms – many are free while some may incur additional costs.

Cart2Cart is one of the best tools available, making migration between Wix and Shopify seamless and efficient. You can test a demo migration before making your commitment.

2. Find a theme

Shopify provides an array of eCommerce store-focused templates, featuring responsive themes. These contemporary themes look great both on desktops and mobile devices alike.

Once you’ve selected a theme, it can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. For instance, fonts, colors, and logos can all be altered to meet brand standards; additional pages can also be added and content created that attracts visitors.

Smart Update function ensures data in your new store remains accurate, eliminating duplicate entries and eliminating duplicate entries altogether. Furthermore, free Demo migration enables you to review imported entities – up to 20 entities can be moved for free while full migration requires payment – once complete you can access your store via My Stores in Editor tab.

3. Import your data

Shopify offers many features that make it an excellent platform for online store owners, making it a powerful eCommerce solution. If you want a stronger eCommerce solution, transferring your domain over to Shopify could be the answer – the process is quick and painless, with no technical knowledge necessary to complete it successfully.

First, export your Wix data as CSV files, and upload them into Shopify. Once that process has completed, customize your website as necessary.

Shopify offers round-the-clock instant support and has an expansive help center with step-by-step guides in text and video formats, plus there is a community where shop owners can interact to ask and receive answers from other shop owners. Plus, with so many resources available to them, it’s no wonder so many businesses have switched over! With all these choices at their disposal, it is no wonder so many businesses have taken up Shopify!

4. Customize your site

Shopify is an efficient ecommerce platform with a wealth of features designed to make setting up an online store easy and effective. Its customizable themes are contemporary and responsive – an invaluable advantage in today’s competitive business environment – while low transaction fees and an extensive app marketplace make this an excellent solution for expanding businesses looking for growth.

Migrating from Wix to Shopify may seem straightforward, but before beginning it’s essential that you create backup copies of all of your data and connect or transfer your domain so that customers can easily find their way around your new site.

To move your store data from Wix to Shopify, re-platforming tools like Cart2Cart are invaluable. This service automatically exports all your product, customer, and order details, while offering free demo migration so that you can test its services prior to committing fully.