Is redbubble a legit site?

Last Update: May 30, 2022

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Yes. Redbubble is a legal print on demand company because it respects the artists' intellectual property. Redbubble is a global online marketplace for print on demand products dependent on user-submitted images of their artwork or designs. ... But, as I said before, Redbubble is not a scam.

Is redbubble a reputable site?

Is Redbubble Safe? Yes, Redbubble is a legitimate multi-million-dollar national online company with exquisite customer support that aims to help in any way they can. The site is clean, user-friendly, and secure. Products are shipped from a diverse range of locations across the world that are all legit and safe.

Does redbubble steal your money?

Redbubble is absolutely a SCAM. They let multiple web scraping image sites like Google steal anything posted there. PLUS, They also keep "art" after an account is CLOSED.

Why are Redbubble reviews fake?

Redbubble's reviews are not fake. They are real user generated reviews that come from real customers who have purchased products from Redbubble. However, Redbubble's reviews are for the particular product that is being sold, not for that particular product with your artwork on it.

Does Redbubble steal your art?

No. Redbubble does not steal art and they respect the intellectual property of others.


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Why is Redbubble bad?

Redbubble controls the product quality, so you don't know what is being tied to your name. This is a con of using any print on demand fulfilment company. The profits are small, even for print-on-demand.

Why is shipping so expensive on Redbubble?

Because orders from independent artists on the Redbubble marketplace are made by 3rd-party printers around the world, shipping costs vary and depend on a few key factors: Whether you ship Standard or Express. Where the order is shipping to and from. The packaging used to ship each part of the order.

Does Redbubble print for you?

Redbubble is a popular print-on-demand service born out of Melbourne, Australia. They offer a print-on-demand service for independent artists to design and sell products. ... Once you get your first customer, Redbubble sends the order to one of their third-party printers and gets started.

Where is Redbubble shipped from?

Click here to see the #1 TRENDING ITEM on Redbubble – updated daily! This company has a global network of manufacturers and they ship from the United States, Australia, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic.

How much money can you make off Redbubble?

In 2020, my lowest month on Redbubble was $126.16 and my highest month was $803.11. I am now usually making 1-5 sales a day, ranging from stickers to art prints to t-shirts and tapestries. The total amount I make varies greatly as the artist margin on each sale can range from $0.50 to sometimes $20.

Do you have to pay taxes on Redbubble?

Redbubble is not your employer, nor are you considered a contractor. We don't pay your income and we don't take a commission from your sales. Taxes are a tricky subject - they vary from artist to artist and from country to country. ... Breakdown of your sales in your Sales History, which can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Why does redbubble take so long?

The 3rd-party printers that fulfill your orders are based all around the world. The type of product you order and your shipping address affect where the product is made. Because of this, your order can sometimes come in different packages and arrive on different days.

What shipping company does redbubble use?

We rely on a global network of shipping services (UPS, FedEx, DHL) as well as local postal services (USPS) to get your order to your doorstep as soon as possible. For this reason, tracking is not always available.

Why is my redbubble order taking so long?

In most cases, your order is picked up and the tracking becomes live within a day, but carrier limitations might cause delays in orders beginning to ship, so there may be a delay in the tracking becoming live. Rest assured though that your order is on the way and will be with you soon!

Is redbubble worth it 2020?

Is Redbubble Worth It? Redbubble allows artists to make money for free – as long as they are willing to upload their artwork and configure their products. Redbubble will not make you rich, but it can help you generate good money from your artwork – given enough time and effort.

Does redbubble report to IRS?

Do I have to file as self employed? Your income from Redbubble is self-employment income and you should receive a form 1099-MISC by end of January/early February. ... On your tax return, you'll have report all income (forms W-2 and forms 1099).

Is Redbubble shipping fast?

How long does Redbubble take to deliver? Redbubble normally delivers over 7 Days.

Why did my Redbubble payment fail?

Your PayPal email address is incorrect

Make sure you don't have a typo in your PayPal email address and that you have linked the correct account with Redbubble. Also, check if you confirmed your email address on PayPal. You need to have a confirmed PayPal account in order to receive payments.

Does Redbubble make stickers for you?

All Stickers offered on the Redbubble marketplace are kiss-cut by 3rd-party printers, which means the edge of each Sticker is cut by a sharp metal die or laser but the cut does not penetrate the Sticker's backing so they arrive on a small sheet.

How do I know when my package will arrive?

Can I predict when my USPS package will be delivered?
  • Navigate to Service Commitment.
  • Enter the origin and destination zip codes, as well as the ship date.
  • Select Continue.
  • The Expected Delivery Dates will be displayed for each service:

What does a 10 99 mean?

10-99 = Wanted/stolen record.

Is RedBubble passive income?

RedBubble is the only Print-On-Demand site worth its salt that successfully markets your products from the beginning. ... If you're required to promote your products continuously then it isn't really passive income. One doesn't simply do some one-off marketing and switch off.

Is it free to sell art on RedBubble?

YES! It is free to signup and it doesn't have a listing fee like Etsy does. The downside to selling on Redbubble is you only get paid an artists margin. So, a shirt could sell for $20 but you may only see $6.00 from that sale.