Every pet parent wants nothing but the best for their dog when it comes to their holistic wellness. CBD oil and its effectiveness in matters related to pet health has become a significant topic around the internet. 

People used it as a trendy health and lifestyle product during its first days in the market. However, with time, some veterinarians began recommending it as a quality alternative pet treatment. 

Many people currently use CBD as a natural remedy for pets with particular health and behavioral issues. This article offers you a lowdown on how the oil works and how you can use it for the well-being of your dog.

What Is CBD 

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of the compounds you can find in Cannabis and Hemp plants. Cannabidiol does not have delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a compound in marijuana that has psychoactive properties. It is the component that causes the high people link to marijuana. The best CBD oil for dogs offers various benefits to pups without producing an intoxicating effect. 

How Does CBD Affect Dogs?

There is no formal study on how cannabidiol affects dogs; even so, scientists have identified that it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors found in the peripheral and central nervous systems. 

The nervous system is responsible for maintaining body balance, appetite, sleep, immune system, and pain. So when dogs take CBD, it activates their endocannabinoid system and makes it perform as expected. CBD has numerous benefits for your dog due to its ability to even out the chemical levels in the dog’s body.

Dog Health Problems That CBD Can Treat

Like humans, as dogs grow older, their bodies change in terms of developing aches, anxiety and pains. Veterinarians can prescribe various medications for such conditions; however, they may lose effectiveness over time.

The following are some reasons why many dog parents have turned to CBD oil. 

CBD Can Relieve Pain

It is devastating for a pet parent to see their dog in pain. In most cases, pain results from auto-immune diseases, for example, arthritis, the dog could also be in the recovery process, having undergone surgery, and the pain could also be from normal daily activities. 

The best CBD Oil for dogs against arthritis facilitates normal inflammatory response in the dog’s body; it deals with soreness and occasional stiffness. It supports normal muscle recovery and ensures healthy cellular activity.

CBD Oil Can Help With Mobility Issues

Mobility issues are a common challenge in dogs as they age. Some dogs may struggle to climb stairs or have daily walks like they would in the past. As a dog parent, you can turn to CBD oil as it supports healthy and flexible joints. CBD also helps the connective tissue and can maintain joint mobility and relieve joint stiffness.

CBD Can Help Deal With Stress

Like humans, dogs also experience stress. Some of the reasons your dog may be stressed include:

  • Changes in your house, for example, having family gatherings
  • Loud noises like fireworks or thunderstorms
  • Changing their routine, like when they are traveling
  • Separation from individuals they love, for example, when you leave them home alone. 

In some cases, dogs can have excess energy that can lead to hyperactivity, where they could easily destroy your valuables. 

That’s where CBD comes in. It can calm the nerves to allow relaxation in dogs. It helps create a normal emotional balance, enabling your dog to cope with external stress and nervousness such that they can assume a relaxed and normal posture. 

CBD Can Promote Wellness

Added support for dogs can help improve their quality of life, especially in their senior years. Dogs can significantly benefit from vitamins and other supplements that boost their immune system. 

Your dog needs CBD to promote their mental and physical well-being. It can boost the dog’s immune system and support his neurological and cardiovascular functions. 

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Yes. As long as the CBD products come from the hemp variety of cannabis plants, they are safe for your furry friend. As mentioned earlier, the marijuana variety contains THC in high levels, which can be toxic to your dog. 

Rarely does CBD cause side effects; even so, many pet parents have observed slight lethargy just after introducing their dogs to CBD oil which does not persist, making it popular among pet parents. 

Here are the most common side effects experienced; nonetheless, it is important to note that dogs are different. You may not see any of these effects on your dog at all.


Most of the time, when you introduce new supplements or food to your dogs, they experience diarrhea as a side effect. Usually, for CBD oil, there is a gastrointestinal upset resulting from the oil used to make the product. Introduce CBD during mealtime and begin with a smaller dose.

Dry Mouth 

CBD can cause a decrease in the amount of saliva your dog produces. Typically, it presents itself as an increase in thirst. You can deal with that by ensuring your dog can easily access fresh water to satisfy his thirst.

Lowered Blood Pressure 

When you administer a high dose of CBD, your dog can feel lightheadedness due to a temporary drop in blood pressure. You can avoid this by sticking to the recommended dose. 

Monitor your dog’s activity level and behavior as you slowly introduce him to CBD oil.