Is misshapen one word or two?

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Misshapen is an adjective. The adjective is the word that accompanies the noun to determine or qualify it.

Is Malinformed a word?

Adjective: describing a person or institution as only valuing information that supports a bias, and disregarding or attempting to discredit anything that would contradict said bias. Examples of usage: Bill is so malinformed; all his news comes from one station.

What is a Formity?

1 : the state of being deformed. 2 : imperfection, blemish: such as. a : a physical blemish or distortion : disfigurement. b : a moral or aesthetic flaw or defect.

What is Deforme?

having the form changed, especially with loss of beauty; misshapen; disfigured: After the accident his arm was permanently deformed. hateful; offensive: a deformed personality.

Is deformed a bad word?


However, the word “deformity” has a negative connotation when used in reference to those with disabilities. NCDJ Recommendation: Avoid using “deformed” as an adjective to describe a person.

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What is deformed in Tagalog?

Translation for word Deformed in Tagalog is : sirain ang hugis.

What does nonconformity mean in English?

: failure or refusal to behave the way most people behave : failure or refusal to conform. See the full definition for nonconformity in the English Language Learners Dictionary. nonconformity. noun.

Does dissent mean disagreement?

To dissent is to publicly disagree with an official opinion or decision. Dissent is also a noun referring to public disagreement.

Why is conformity bad?

Conformity creates a change in behavior so that the people in the group behave in the same way. And as much this is a good thing, it's also bad. There are so many people in this world that do not feel like others, yet they are, in a way, obliged to follow society's norms.

What is an antonym for the word deformed?

deformed. Antonyms: attractive, beauteous, beautiful, bewitching, bonny, charming, comely, delightful, elegant, exquisite, fair, fine, graceful, handsome, lovely, picturesque, pretty.

What are some synonyms for deformed?

synonyms for deformed
  • awry.
  • bowed.
  • crippled.
  • damaged.
  • gnarled.
  • misshapen.
  • twisted.
  • disjointed.

What means disfigured?

transitive verb. 1 : to impair (as in beauty) by deep and persistent injuries a face disfigured by smallpox. 2 obsolete : disguise.

Which word part means malformed?

Malformed combines the prefix mal-, "badly or wrongly," with formed, from the Latin forma, "shape or appearance."

What does it mean misinformed?

: wrongly or badly informed: such as. a : having wrong or inaccurate information about a topic He was slightly misinformed on a few points of the discussion.

What word class is snarl?

intransitive verb. 1 : to growl with a snapping, gnashing, or display of teeth. 2 : to give vent to anger in surly language. transitive verb.

What is the difference between disagreement and dissent?

Disagreement is an idea, whereas dissent is a personal value or belief. Typically, disagreements are less intense than dissension because they are less personal. Disagreements also tend to be amongst equals, both parties share the power, passing ideas back and forth.

Is an example of dissent?

The definition of dissent is to differ in opinion. An example of dissent is for two children to disagree over who gets to play with a specific toy. The refusal to conform to the authority or doctrine of an established church; nonconformity. ... To reject the doctrines and forms of an established church.

What is the law of dissent?

A dissenting opinion (or dissent) is an opinion in a legal case in certain legal systems written by one or more judges expressing disagreement with the majority opinion of the court which gives rise to its judgment.

Is nonconformity a good thing?

Our studies found that nonconformity leads to positive inferences of status and competence when it is associated with deliberateness and intentionality. ... In contrast, when observers perceive a nonconforming behavior as unintentional, it does not result in enhanced perceptions of status and competence.

What is another word for nonconformity?

In this page you can discover 63 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for nonconformity, like: strangeness, dissent, contumaciousness, lawlessness, transgressiveness, heresy, heterodoxy, recusance, violation, breach of custom and denial.

What is an example of nonconformity?

Nonconformity is defined as a failure to match or act like other people or things, or a conscious refusal to accept generally accepted beliefs. When you dress differently and wear your hair differently than the popular styles because you want to reflect only your own taste, this is an example of nonconformity.

What is the English of YUPI?

"yupi" in English

yupi {interj.} goody. hooray!

What is the Tagalog of deworming?

deworm tagalog anu ibig sabihin.

What is the root of deformed?

deform (v.)

and directly from Latin deformare "put out of shape, disfigure," from de (see de-) + formare "to shape, fashion, build," also figurative, from forma "form, contour, figure, shape" (see form (n.)). Related: Deformed; deforming.