Is insubordinately a word?

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insubordinate. adjective disobedient, defiant, rebellious, disorderly, turbulent, unruly, insurgent, recalcitrant, fractious, riotous, undisciplined, seditious, mutinous, ungovernable, refractory, contumacious Workers who are grossly insubordinate are threatened with discharge.

What do you call a person who disobeys the law?

violator Add to list Share. Someone who breaks rules is a violator. If your grandpa drives 90 miles an hour on the highway, he's a violator of the speed limit. To violate is to disobey a law or break an agreement, and a violator is a person who does this.

What are some antonyms of insubordination?

antonyms for insubordination
  • calm.
  • harmony.
  • obedience.
  • peace.
  • regard.
  • respect.
  • submission.
  • subordination.

What is insubordinate language?

adjective. Learner's definition of INSUBORDINATE. [more insubordinate; most insubordinate] formal. : not obeying authority : refusing to follow orders.

What is the noun form of insubordinate?

See synonyms for insubordination on noun. the quality or condition of being insubordinate, or of being disobedient to authority; defiance: The employee was fired for insubordination.

What is the meaning of the word INSUBORDINATE?

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What does defiant mean in English?

: refusing to obey something or someone : full of defiance. See the full definition for defiant in the English Language Learners Dictionary. defiant. adjective. de·​fi·​ant | \ di-ˈfī-ənt \

What does Contumaciously mean?

: stubbornly disobedient : rebellious She was warned that her contumacious conduct would not be tolerated.

Can you be fired for being rude to your boss?

The short answer is yes, you can fire an employee for disrespectful behavior. However, it is not always easy to do. You'll have to use the human resources department of your business to help you terminate an employee.

Can I send an employee home for insubordination?

In addition, know what specific disciplinary measures to take if any insubordinate behavior happens in the workplace. For example, you could send an employee home for the day and give him or her a warning not to display such behavior again. ... Moreover, allow managers or officers to address insubordination when necessary.

What is insolent behavior?

insolence is derisive, contemptuous or abusive language or conduct, perhaps expressed in a confrontational attitude, directed by an employee toward the employer. Insubordination is the deliberate refusal by an employee to obey the lawful and reasonable instructions of the employer.

What is the synonyms of legible?

In this page you can discover 15 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for legible, like: neat, readable, clear, recognizable, discernible, illegible, comprehensible, legibly, plain, decipherable and distinct.

What is the opposite of disabuse?

disabuse. Antonyms: deceive, mislead, prejudice, prepossess, hoodwink, inveigle, stultify, bamboozle.

What is Misbehaviour?

1 : bad, improper, or rude behavior : ill conduct scolded the children for their misbehavior. 2 US military law : any conduct by a member of the armed forces before or in the presence of the enemy that does not conform to military standards or practice for such a situation …

Who is a deviant person?

: someone or something that deviates from a norm especially : a person who differs markedly (as in social adjustment or behavior) from what is considered normal or acceptable social/moral/sexual deviants Those who commit crimes also watch TV, go to the grocery store, and have their hair cut.

What do you call someone who makes the rules?

You can call that person a conformist. A person who uncritically or habitually conforms to the customs, rules, or styles of a group.

Can you send an employee home for being rude?

As an employer, you have the authority to send employees home as punishment if they violate company policy. Employers have the right to enact their own discipline policies. There are no standard measures you must follow when creating company rules and consequences.

How do you address a rude employee?

Five Ways to Deal With Rudeness in Your Team
  1. Be a good role model. How you treat your people can impact the way that they treat others. ...
  2. Don't ignore it. If you ignore rude behavior, you send out a signal that, in effect, you condone it. ...
  3. Deal directly with the culprit. ...
  4. Listen. ...
  5. Follow up on any offender.

Is calling your boss a liar insubordinate?

Trash talking about the boss after being told to stop can constitute insubordination. A strong case of insubordination can be made if the inappropriate comments made behind the boss's back are part of a pattern of disruptive behavior in the workplace.

What should you never tell your boss?

Phrases to Never Say to Your Boss
  • “I Need a Raise.”
  • “I Can't Stand Working With ____.”
  • “It's Not My Fault.”
  • “But We've Always Done It This Way.”
  • “That's Not Part of My Job.”
  • “That's Above My Pay Grade.”
  • “I Have Too Much on My Plate.”
  • “I'm Bored.”

How do you outsmart a bad boss?

8 Savvy Ways to Outsmart Your Jerk Boss
  1. Learn the difference between a difficult boss and a bully. ...
  2. Know if you're a typical target. ...
  3. Then make yourself bully-proof. ...
  4. Rally your coworkers' support. ...
  5. Expose his or her bad side. ...
  6. Don't go to HR. ...
  7. Instead, complain upwards. ...
  8. Get emotional support so you can quit.

Can I be fired for speaking my mind?

The ability to speak your mind is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, as long as it does not rise to insubordination, defamation or other actionable speech. If you were fired, demoted or otherwise suffered backlash as a government employee for exercising free speech, you have specific rights under state and federal laws.

Is expeditiously a real word?

The adverb expeditiously can describe something you do quickly and efficiently, but the word has a formal sound to it that makes whatever you're doing sound fancy. ... You'll often hear the word used in formal contexts. A police spokesperson might talk about an investigation that will be handled expeditiously.

Which is another way to say someone is contumacious?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for contumacious, like: insubordinate, unyielding, obstinate, disobedient, intractable, rebellious, haughty, insolent, mutinous, ornery and riotous.

What is a dilatory mean?

dilatory • \DILL-uh-tor-ee\ • adjective. 1 : tending or intended to cause delay 2 : characterized by procrastination : tardy. Examples: The Senator's seemingly endless motions to adjourn were clearly dilatory.

What is a defiant person called?

insubordinate, contumacious, refractory, recalcitrant, rebellious, insolent; daring.