Being a cannabis enthusiast, you must have tried CBD. But do you know how does it affect your body? It’s crucial to figure out to avoid any unfavorable consequences to face. Well, research shows that various potential health benefits are associated with CBD derived from the hemp plant. It has sparked interest among consumers who seek natural remedies for multiple ailments. 

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However, the effectiveness of CBD is still questionable. To solve it, this guide will help you a lot. You can easily determine whether CBD is safe for you or not. So, let’s get started!

A Brief Info About Hemp-Derived CBD

As you already know, hemp-derived CBD is mainly extracted from industrial hemp plants. There is a particular ratio of CBD (which is maximal) as well as THC (which is minimal) – a psychoactive compound found in marijuana. 

Due to containing less THC ratio of about 0.3%, this hemp-derived CBD is legal in most United States under federal law. However, marijuana-derived CBD has several sanctions due to having high THC content. 

When a consumer intakes CBD, it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is a complex network of receptors that exclusively regulate various physiological processes within the body. 

How does CBD work?

Basically, there are TWO main receptors – CB1 (mainly expressed in the brain) and CB2 (mainly expressed in the peripheral immune system). On the interaction of CBD with these receptors, some neurotransmitters are released and promote balance within the body. This functionality leads to various therapeutic effects what users can experience. 

Hemp-Derived CBD and its Effectiveness

When it comes to the effectiveness of CBD, several myths are heard that raise a big question mark on its efficacy and working mode within the body. Such as;

CBD is Psychoactive.

One of the common misconceptions is that CBD produces psychoactive effects, just like marijuana. But the fact is that hemp-derived CBD only contains a trace amount of THC (~0.3%), and it can’t cause intoxication. It means it neither alters your state of mind nor impairs cognitive function. This clearly shows that it’s non-psychoactive. 

Hemp-Derived CBD is the Same as Marijuana.

No doubt, hemp and marijuana are the descendants of the cannabis family. But both are distinct apart from various aspects. Hemp contains high CBD but low THC levels, whereas marijuana is highly concentrated with THC. Thus, hemp-derived CBD offers several potential therapeutic benefits without hallucinatory effects, as with marijuana. 

Hemp-Derived CBD has No Health Benefits.

Scientific research has proved that CBD is potentially beneficial from a health perspective. From relieving pain to reducing inflammation, alleviating anxiety and depression to improving sleep quality, and even supporting overall well-being, CBD works well. However, individual experiences may vary, but still, research is ongoing to explore the full benefits. 

Explore the Potential Benefits of Hemp-Derived CBD

If you are still confused about how much hemp-derived CBD is beneficial for multiple medical conditions. Here a brief description is given about each benefit. Just go through them and clear your concerns. 

👍 Managing Pain from Various Body Parts

CBD is well-known for its pain management potential. As it interacts with pain-perception receptors, it promisingly reduces chronic pains. Regardless of joint pain, muscle soreness, or even neuropathic pain, CBD works as the best and most natural alternative to traditional pain medications. 

👍 Alleviating Anxiety & Stress

In the current scenario, anxiety and stress have gripped the whole world. But hemp-derived CBD has garnered attention to reduce these symptoms effectively. CBD has the potential to interact with anxiety and the mood-regulating hormone – serotonin. Thus, CBD promotes calmness and allows people to manage stress with a relaxed state of mind. 

👍 Promoting Better Sleep

Working day or night, overusing gadgets, or poor eating habits lead to insomnia that significantly impacts an individual’s overall well-being. But hemp-derived CBD promises to promote better sleep by addressing underlying anxiety or pain causes. On reacting with sleep-regulating receptors, CBD helps people to achieve a more restful night’s sleep. 

👍 Supporting Overall Well-Being

Besides potentially working against pain, insomnia, and several psychological symptoms, hemp-derived CBD can efficiently support the individual’s overall well-being. As it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, it contributes to maintaining balance. This way, it supports various body functions, i.e., regulates inflammation, immune response, and cognitive performance. 

Factors Influencing CBD’s Effectiveness

Though hemp-derived CBD helps in promoting goodness among consumers with various health benefits. But several factors can influence its effectiveness that need to address. Let’s see them!

Quality & Sourcing of CBD Products

It’s essential always to choose CBD products derived from organically grown hemp free from harmful substances and chemical pesticides. Moreover, they must pass third-party lab testing for the utmost transparency and quality assurance. 

Proper Dosage & Administration

In order to experience the potential benefits, it’s crucial to determine the right dosage of CBD. For this, several factors must be considered, i.e., body weight, individual tolerance, and the desired effect. 

It’s always recommended to start from a low dosage and then increase it gradually to find the optimal dose. CBD can also be taken orally as well as via inhalation. But each method has its own effects’ duration.  

Individual Variations & Considerations 

Overall health, body metabolism, and the continuity of other medications are different from person to person and directly influence the interaction of CBD with the body. So, it’s suggested to consult a healthcare professional prior to incorporating CBD into your wellness routine. 


Being a cannabis user, it’s essential to consider the efficacy and working potential of hemp-derived CBD. It has been a natural remedy for several medical symptoms for years. But some misconceptions are associated with its effectiveness and difference from marijuana. However, scientific research has proven that CBD is non-psychoactive due to its low THC content and promotes various potential health benefits. So, if you are a newbie or an experienced one, you can get leverage from the effectiveness of CBD hassle-free. 

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