Dior Sauvage is a popular men’s fragrance that was first released in 2015. It has become a classic scent for many, with its woody, spicy, and earthy notes. But recently, there have been rumors that the fragrance has been reformulated. So, is Dior Sauvage reformulated?

What is Dior Sauvage?

Dior Sauvage is a men’s fragrance created by the fashion house of Dior. It was first released in 2015, and quickly became a classic scent. It is a woody, spicy, and earthy scent, with notes of bergamot, pink pepper, Sichuan pepper, vetiver, patchouli, and ambroxan. It has a fresh and invigorating aroma that is perfect for casual or formal occasions.

Has Dior Sauvage Been Reformulated?

There have been rumors that Dior Sauvage has been reformulated. However, there is no official confirmation from Dior about this. Some users have reported that the scent has changed, with some saying that the original version was stronger and more intense. Others have said that the reformulated version is lighter and more subtle. It is possible that Dior has reformulated the fragrance to make it more suitable for modern tastes.


In conclusion, Dior Sauvage has been around for a few years and is a classic scent for many. However, there is no confirmation from Dior as to whether or not it has been reformulated. Some users have reported that the scent has changed, but it is not clear if this is due to reformulation or just natural changes over time.