Is defensive leader a good badge?

Last Update: May 30, 2022

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Boosts the defensive abilities of teammates when in the game. Lifts the defensive abilities of teammates when on the court. Also, at the Hall of Fame level, can see potential shot percentages of opposing players.

How much does defensive leader help 2k20?

This badge raises all your teammates' defensive attributes +1 on Bronze, +2 on Silver, +3 on Gold, and +4 on Hall of Fame, in addition to being able to see the opposing team's shot percentages.

What is the best defensive badges in 2K21?

5 Best NBA 2K21 Defensive Badges - Top Badges For Lock Builds & How To Get Defense Badges Fast
  1. Interceptor. ...
  2. Post Lockdown. ...
  3. Heart Crusher. ...
  4. Tireless Defender. ...
  5. Rebound Chaser.

Does defensive leader stack 2K21?

does it stack if multiple people have floor general on your team? If it works how he said defensive anchor does, no. Teammates would receive the benefit of whoever has it at the highest tier.

What are the most important defensive badges?

NBA 2K22: Best Defensive Badges to Boost Your Game
  1. Clamps. Almost all of the good defensive players in NBA 2K22 have the Clamps badge. ...
  2. Intimidator. The Intimidator badge combined with the Clamps is the worst nightmare of all iso players. ...
  3. Pick Dodger. ...
  4. Tireless Defender. ...
  5. Clutch Defender. ...
  6. Rebound Chaser. ...
  7. Worm. ...
  8. Rim Protector.


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Do you need interior defense in 2K21?

The interior defense actually matters when you play hands up defense, like that, it is important to have the interior defense, otherwise, the majority of the time you get a low shot contest, if you have a low interior you're probably not going to get that shot contest, is it feels like no matter what your interior ...

Is pickpocket a good badge 2K21?

A Pick Pocket badge is a perfect complement to the Clamps badge. It lessens the chance that you'll receive a loose ball foul on swipes. Having at least a Silver badge is enough to combo with Clamps.

Is lightning reflexes a good badge 2k21?

Lightning Reflexes simply helps you know where the ball handler will be going earlier. Recommendation: We don't recommend Lightning Reflexes for any build, as its benefits are sparse and there are many other defensive badges that will help you with perimeter defense.

Can floor general stack 2k21?

Floor General provides a boost to all the offensive attributes of his or her teammates. In addition, Hall of Fame Floor General will display the shooting percentage of his or her teammates below their feet. This boost does not stack if multiple people on the same team have floor general.

Does floor general work for yourself 2k21?

This badge is mainly used to help lower-rated shooters on your team make more shots. However, the boosts only apply to your teammates' attributes and not your own.

Is defensive leader good?

Boosts the defensive abilities of teammates when in the game. Lifts the defensive abilities of teammates when on the court. Also, at the Hall of Fame level, can see potential shot percentages of opposing players.

How many badges can you get in 2K21?

We now have the official NBA 2K21 Badges Guide of up to 75 badges which are not limited to just one tier. Badges are earned in MyCareer based on how you play, who you hang out with, and how good your regular attributes are. Badges can also counter other badges.

What does Trapper do in 2k21?

Makes life difficult for the offensive players when trapped. When trapping offensive players, defenders are more effective at forcing pick ups and turnovers than normal.

What is moving truck 2k21?

Strengthens a defender's ability to move people around in the post. Players are more effective pushing opponents out of the post while playing defense.

What does heart crusher do 2k21?

Decreases opponents' Takeover meters when achieving a highlight play on defense. After successfully blocking or stealing the ball from an opponent, an additional penalty is given to the opposing player's Takeover meter.

What is the best finishing badge?

1. Slithery Finisher. Slithery Finisher is almost certainly the best finishing badge in NBA 2K21, and players should prioritize it heavily.

Does floor general increase ball handling?

Zach Timmerman 2K22 on Twitter: "Ball Handle (formerly known as Ball Control) is boosted by Floor General… "

What does tight handles do NBA 2K21?

Improves a player's ability to break down their defender. Increases a player's ball handling ability in size-up situations, making it easier to break down the on-ball defender.

What does lightning reflexes do in 2k21?

Receives an earlier cue on the Read and React system while playing defense. Gives the defender an advantage to read where the ball handler is going in the Read and React system.

Are lightning reflexes worth?

We do not recommend spending points into Lightning Reflexes

Do to its somewhat niche nature or lack of utility, we do not recommend investing into this skill. Generally speaking, your points will better be spent elsewhere. ... This skill helps the player in manually aiming the crossbow.

What does quick reflexes do 2k21?


To speed up Badge Grinding for Quick Reflexes and get this badge fast: Upgrade athletic and defensive attributes. Note: You can earn badges during the playoffs.

What's the best playmaking badges 2K21?

Best Playmaking badges in NBA 2K21
  • Dimer. Image via 2K. A recurring theme among the best Playmaking badges in NBA 2K21 is their ability to bring the best out of the playmaker's teammates. ...
  • Quick First Step. Image via 2K. ...
  • Unpluckable. Image via 2K. ...
  • Downhill. Image via 2K. ...
  • Floor General. Image via 2K.

What should I put rim protector on 2k20?

Recommendation: Defensive big men should max out Rim Protector, while non-defensive builds should get it on bronze. Most guards, whether defensive-focused or not, would benefit from Bronze Rim Protector.