Is collectivities a word?

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The definition of collectivity means individuals who are considered as a whole group. An example of collectivity is a gathering of all the people in a town.

What is the meaning of collectivities?

1 : the quality or state of being collective. 2 : a collective whole especially : the people as a body.

What are social collectivities?

of social collectivities, meaning by control - any process in which a person or group of persons or organization. of persons determines, that is, intentionally affects, the behavior of. another person, group, or organization.39.

What is a synonym for collective?

common, shared, joint, combined, mutual, communal, united, allied, cooperative, collaborative. aggregate, cumulative, undivided, pooled. individual, sectional.

Is signate a word?

adjective (Zoöl.) Having definite color markings.

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What does signate mean?

1 : designated, identified. 2 : having markings like letters.

Is Resignates a word?

resignate or resonate

It is to have an effect on or impact and provide influence for or against. Resignate is an incorrect word in English with no saddled meaning. It should be avoided in official writings and documentations.

What is Collocative word?

The definition of collocation refers to a group of words that often go together or that are likely to occur together. Two words that often go together, such as light sleeper or early riser are an example of collocation.

What word has the opposite meaning of the word collective?

Antonyms: permeative, apportionable, diffusive, separate, dispersive, capitalist, allocatable, diffusing(a), pervasive, distributive, permeant, immanent, capitalistic, permeating, disseminative, separative, suffusive, allocable. Synonyms: corporate.

Which word has almost the same meaning as the word collective?

as in group, body. Synonyms & Near Synonyms for collective. body, group.

What is the meaning of social group?

In the social sciences, a social group is two or more humans who interact with one another, share similar characteristics, and have a collective sense of unity. This is a very broad definition, as it includes groups of all sizes, from dyads to whole societies.

Why are there various social groups in our society?

Social groups form the foundation of human society—without groups, there would be no human culture. ... Most groups that we belong to provide us with a positive social identity—the part of the self-concept that results from our membership in social groups.

How does collective behavior affect society?

Collective behavior refers to social processes and events that do not reflect existing social structure (laws, conventions, and institutions), as they emerge in a “spontaneous” way. ... Collective behavior generates weak and unconventional norms, while groups tend to have stronger and more conventional norms.

What are examples of collectivities?

The definition of collectivity means individuals who are considered as a whole group. An example of collectivity is a gathering of all the people in a town. The people considered as a body or whole.

What is the synonym of disparage?

Frequently Asked Questions About disparage

Some common synonyms of disparage are belittle, decry, and depreciate. While all these words mean "to express a low opinion of," disparage implies depreciation by indirect means such as slighting or invidious comparison.

Which word has the opposite meaning of the word trailblazer?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for trailblazer. establishment, old guard.

Which is the closest synonym for the word assimilate?

synonyms for assimilate
  • comprehend.
  • grasp.
  • incorporate.
  • understand.
  • digest.
  • ingest.
  • learn.
  • sense.

What are the 7 types of collocation?

Below you can see seven main types of collocation in sample sentences.
  • adverb + adjective. Invading that country was an utterly stupid thing to do.
  • adjective + noun. The doctor ordered him to take regular exercise.
  • noun + noun. ...
  • noun + verb. ...
  • verb + noun. ...
  • verb + expression with preposition. ...
  • verb + adverb.

What does resonate with you mean?

: to continue to produce a loud, clear, deep sound for a long time. : to have particular meaning or importance for someone : to affect or appeal to someone in a personal or emotional way.

Can you resonate with a person?

You can absolutely use resonate to describe a social interaction--tell the naysayers "poppycock!" The physical (original?) definition of resonate, describes vibration of material due to the vibration of another material.

What is signate matter?

: matter that is numerically distinct in different individuals but is the same in quality or character for cognition.