Inexact in a simple sentence?

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The landscape almost engulfs the whole canvas and has enough motion emanating from its inexact brushstrokes that the figures are a part of the motion. Which was inexact, as instances of forts reduced to silence by naval forces were recorded in the 18th century.

What does inexact mean in a sentence?

1 : not precisely correct or true : inaccurate an inexact translation. 2 : not rigorous and careful an inexact thinker. Other Words from inexact Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About inexact.

What does inexact language mean?

Something inexact is vague or not quite correct. If a doctor gives you an inexact diagnosis, you might want to see a specialist for a more specific opinion. When a poem's translation from one language to another is inexact, a lot of the original meaning can be lost.

How do you use shoddy in a sentence?

Shoddy in a Sentence ?
  1. The shoddy porch collapsed one day after it was built.
  2. As soon as the judges heard the young woman's shoddy performance, they voted her out of the competition.
  3. The shoddy toy was broken when it arrived in the mail.
  4. Because of shoddy accounting practices, our firm is being audited.

What's a sentence for inappropriate?

1, His comments were wholly inappropriate on such a solemn occasion. 2, It was felt inappropriate by some that such a serious occasion should include dancing. 3, His casual behaviour was wholly inappropriate for such a formal occasion. 4, The size of the machines makes them inappropriate for domestic use.

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What is inappropriate content?

Inappropriate content includes information or images that upset your child, material that's directed at adults, inaccurate information or information that might lead or tempt your child into unlawful or dangerous behaviour. ... Pictures, videos or games which show images of violence or cruelty to other people or animals.

What is the example of inappropriate?

The definition of inappropriate is someone or something that is not within the bounds of what is considered appropriate or socially acceptable. Wearing a cheerful and revealing outfit to a somber funeral is an example of wearing something inappropriate.

What is a sentence for surly?

Surly sentence example. "I won't," answered the kitten, in a surly voice. "You have queer friends, seems to me," replied the kitten, in a surly tone. But his surly guest said scarcely a word.

How do you use tirade in a sentence?

Examples of tirade in a Sentence

He went into a tirade about the failures of the government. The coach directed a tirade at the team after the loss.

How do you use the word pensive in a sentence?

Pensive sentence example
  1. He was pensive for a moment. ...
  2. She appeared pensive and shrugged. ...
  3. We were pensive as we tried to fathom what was occurring. ...
  4. Xander spent another moment in pensive silence before he rose.

What is another word for not accurate?

inexact, loose; erroneous, wrong, faulty.

What is an example of precise language?

Being precise in your language means choosing the most appropriate, most specific word so that your message is clear and there is less of a chance that your reader will misunderstand you. For example, say that you were writing a how-to informative text to tell readers how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

What means vagueness?

1a : not clearly expressed : stated in indefinite terms vague accusations. b : not having a precise meaning a vague term of abuse. 2a : not clearly defined, grasped, or understood : indistinct only a vague notion of what's needed also : slight a vague hint of a thickening waistline hasn't the vaguest idea.

What is ambivalence?

1 : simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (such as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action felt ambivalence toward his powerful father ambivalence toward marriage. 2a : continual fluctuation (as between one thing and its opposite)

What do u mean by ambiguity?

1a : the quality or state of being ambiguous especially in meaning The ambiguity of the poem allows several interpretations. b : a word or expression that can be understood in two or more possible ways : an ambiguous word or expression. 2 : uncertainty.

What is an example of tirade?

The definition of a tirade is a long and bitter speech. An example of tirade is an outburst against an illegal practice. An example of tirade is a speech filled with condemnations. A long angry speech, usually of a censorious or denunciatory nature; a diatribe.

What is a tirade called?

Definitions of tirade. a speech of violent denunciation. synonyms: broadside, philippic. type of: denouncement, denunciation.

What is tirades in Tagalog?

Translation for word Tirade in Tagalog is : mahaba''t maapoy na talumpati.

How do you use vilify in a sentence?

Vilify in a Sentence ?
  1. Halle's husband tried to vilify her during their child custody battle.
  2. Unfortunately, the internet and social media have made it very easy for people to vilify their enemies.
  3. The politician wrote an article to vilify his opponent.

How do you use vagrant in a sentence?

Vagrant in a Sentence ?
  1. The vagrant does not appear to work and frequently asks tourists for money.
  2. Because the vagrant has not had a bath in several weeks, he smells pretty bad.
  3. Have you seen the vagrant who sleeps by the big oak tree in the park?

How do you use portentous in a sentence?

Examples of 'portentous' in a sentence portentous
  1. All those successes in the early part of his career seemed portentous. ...
  2. She was inclined to think that the thing sounded more portentous than amusing. ...
  3. And yet the imminent launch of Destiny feels almost as portentous as its name.

What is an example of inappropriate behaviour?

Behaviours that are considered to be inappropriate, concerning or threatening include: angry, aggressive communications (verbal or written) ... stalking (repeated attempts to impose unwanted communication or contact) an uttered threat to harm another or damage property.

What is a inappropriate reference?

According to the authors, inappropriate citations intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent the meaning of the work cited. ... citing something that asserts the idea based on another citation, not based on the work presented in that paper ("empty" citations)

What is inappropriate usage?

Definition. Inappropriate usage refers to "[a] person who violates acceptable computing use policies."