Serana is a powerful and important character in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game. She is an ancient vampire who helps the player on their journey. But sometimes the player needs to dismiss her, leaving the question of where does Serana go when dismissed?

Serana’s Dismissal

Serana can be dismissed by the player at any time. This can be done by selecting the “Dismiss” option from the dialogue menu. When dismissed, Serana will no longer be visible in the game and will disappear from the player’s party.

Where Does She Go?

When dismissed, Serana will go to the location where she was initially found. This is usually a hidden cave or dungeon. The exact location depends on which quest the player is on and where they encountered Serana.

Once dismissed, Serana cannot be found again until the player returns to her starting point. The player must then go through the same quest steps they did when they first encountered her.

Serana is a powerful ally in the world of Skyrim, and it can be difficult to part ways with her. But knowing that she returns to her initial location when dismissed can make the process a bit easier. By following the same steps they took when they first encountered her, players can easily reunite with Serana again.