How powerful is unkindness raven?

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Powers and Abilities
Being a fusion of every Raven from the multiverse, The Unkindness is the most powerful demon, possessing the infinite potential of Raven. Super Strengh: Being the fusion of all the Ravens, she is a powerful demon.

Is Raven the most powerful DC character?

Raven. It's well documented that Raven isn't just the most powerful character in the Teen Titans but she's also one of the most powerful in DC. Raven inherited her power from her father, Trigon. ... Raven is so powerful that she could take on the entirety of the Teen Titans at once and walk away as the victor.

Is Raven stronger than Starfire?

While the two would probably never get into a serious fight unless Raven was under the direct possession of her father, it is pretty easy to see that Raven would be the winner of this match. Starfire is incredibly powerful with her starbolts, stellar energy absorption, and superhuman abilities.

How much powerful is Raven?

As the half-demon daughter of the inter-dimensional demon Trigon, Raven is very powerful and displayed a vast amount of abilities. She has displayed the ability to control, manipulate and or generate pure shadows and darkness. Raven can manipulate energy, time, and emotions.

Is Raven the unkindness?

Raven was a magical member of the Teen Titans who was corrupted by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, becoming an Unkindness.

How Strong is Unkindness Raven Rachel Roth - Future State - DC Comics daughter of Trigon

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What is a flock of ravens called?

An unkindness. At least that is one of the names given to the jet black birds with the dubious reputation. They might be unkind enough to steal eggs, but ravens are deemed to be highly intelligent and socially aware.

Are Ravens Multiversal?

incarnation of Raven is forced to consume all of her multiversal counterparts to absorb their power. ... Raven even refers to herself as the Unkindness -- which stands for a flock of ravens -- before the battle truly begins, officially tying the title to her.

Is Raven stronger than her dad?

If there's one Titan who knows the pull of evil greater than any other DC hero, it is undoubtedly Raven. Though she has often been influenced by her demonic father, Trigon, she just became a villain even stronger than her father.

Is Raven stronger than Jean GREY?

Raven has an array of abilities and is so powerful that, without the Phoenix Force, she arguably surpasses Jean Grey. The Cambion is a demon-human hybrid who, like Jean, has also displayed telekinetic and telepathic powers.

What powers does Raven have?

Raven's also highly adept in other mystical arts, including the projection and manipulation of her “Soul-Self”—an energy she is able to cast out of her physical form. With her Soul-Self, Raven is able to use mystical abilities called “chaos magic,” hypnosis and limited telekinesis.

Who is stronger beast boy or Starfire?

When it comes to a fight between Beast Boy and Starfire, Beast Boy has the clear advantage from a durability standpoint. He can turn into so many different kinds of species and use these different variations of durability to outmaneuver Starfire, who is powerful but will tire over time.

Who is Starfire's crush?

Robin. Robin has a huge romantic crush on Starfire, which borderlines nearly on obsessive love. Throughout the series, he resorts to every means possible to win her over.

Why does Starfire talk weird?

Partly due to her incomplete understanding of English and her desire to speak in a higher register, Starfire would use “the” unnecessarily, which would sometimes force her to use “of”. She would also frequently use words that sound odd for what they're describing.

Why did Titans get Cancelled?

The cancellation of Teen Titans was new to viewers, but speculation proves that the producers already knew. ... David Slack a per producer of the series said Teen Titans ended expectedly due to low ratings after production of season four and due to the sealed toy deal.

Who would win Wonder Woman or Raven?

1 Winner: Wonder Woman

Diana will be able to handle almost anything thrown at her, including the subtle mind-games that Raven tends to play to great effect on her opponents. Wonder Woman has survived everything — she will survive even Mystique.

Who is more powerful Starfire or blackfire?

In "Betrothed", she seemed to be physically stronger and more powerful than Starfire as Blackfire was able to lift a large pillar, which only came as a result of the Jewel of Charta. After Starfire destroyed the gem, her superhuman abilities were reduced to their normal power-levels.

Is Scarlet Witch stronger than Jean Grey?

Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey, possessed by the Phoenix Force, are two incredibly strong X-Men. ... Although innately powerful without her celestial burden, Jean Grey is dramatically changed and dramatically more powerful when possessed with the cosmic entity known as the Phoenix Force.

What is Jean Grey's weakness?

Dissociative Identity Disorder: As "Phoenix", her main vulnerability was that if she became emotionally unstable, she would lose control of her powers.

Is White Raven more powerful?

White Raven is Raven's most primal, significant and powerful version of herself, mostly shown as a symbol of her highest hidden power and her inner purity against the consuming evil of her father.

Who does Raven end up with?

Unlike the series where Raven's feelings for Beast boy are debatable, in the TV show, Teen Titans Go it is most clear that Raven likes Beast Boy. The two eventually become a couple.

Who is stronger cyborg or Robin?

Among all his mutant allies, Robin's certainly not the physically strongest; Starfire and Cyborg's superhuman strength could easily best him. In fact, Robin is the only individual of his five-member team without any superhuman abilities, which you would think would render him the weakest link.

Why does Raven meditate?

Raven would meditate for hours on end. In fact, it's what she was usually doing when she wasn't fighting crime, eating, or reading. Be prepared to maintain this position, and continue that chant, for as long as it takes.

Why is Raven so powerful?

Her soul self is an astral projection of her soul, usually in the shape of a shadowy bird. She can project her consciousness into her Soul Self, allowing her to think and talk from it. The Soul Self can act independently from Raven's physical body, with each performing separate tasks (both are still Raven, though).

Is Raven DC immortal?

The Titans came together and killed Raven. This allowed the souls of Azarath to possess her and use her as a channel to kill Trigon. Afterward, Raven was presumed dead, but she actually rose from ashes of the battle, finally purged of Trigon's evil. She vanished, and her mother went looking for her.

Why is Raven white?

Raven has also taken on the all-white form in the comics to signify that she has been completely cleansed of her father's evil. Unfortunately, this status has not always lasted, and before long she was infected by Trigon again and turned evil once more.