How high is smithtown above sea level?

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Smithtown is a town in Suffolk County, New York, United States, on the North Shore of Long Island. It is part of the New York metropolitan area. The population was 117,801 at the 2010 Census. The census-designated place of Smithtown lies within the town's borders.

How white is Smithtown?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Smithtown was: White: 92.10% Asian: 4.05% Other race: 1.33%

Is Smithtown NY A safe place to live?

Is Smithtown, NY Safe? The A+ grade means the rate of crime is much lower than the average US city. Smithtown is in the 99th percentile for safety, meaning 1% of cities are safer and 99% of cities are more dangerous. ... The rate of crime in Smithtown is 5.90 per 1,000 residents during a standard year.

What is Smithtown known for?

Our community is known for its 25 town parks, four state parks and four pristine beaches; Short Beach Long Beach, Kings Park Bluff and Callahan's Beach. Smithtown prides itself on having one of the top school districts on the island.

Why does Smithtown have a bull?

In 1941, Butler swayed the Smithtown Town Board to construct a concrete pedestal and raised the $1,750 needed to cover the cost of the move. Butler arranged for the transport of the 14-foot, 5-ton bronze bull, by way of trucking and rail.

What is Sea Level?

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How did Smithtown New York get its name?

Smithtown, originally known as "Smithfield", was first settled around 1665. Local legend has it that, after rescuing a Native American chief's abducted daughter, Richard Smith was told that the chief would grant title to all of the land Smith could encircle in one day "on a bull".

Who rode the Smithtown Bull?

Legend has it that in the 1600s Richard Smith rode a bull around the area to claim land that eventually became Smithtown. Officials celebrate the 80th anniversary of Whisper the Bull statue.

Is Smithtown a nice place to live?

Smithtown is in Suffolk County and is one of the best places to live in New York. Living in Smithtown offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Smithtown there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many families live in Smithtown and residents tend to lean conservative.

Is Smithtown library open?

The Library is open with some limited hours and services.

Is Hauppauge a part of Smithtown?

Hauppauge (/ˈhɔːpɒɡ/ HOP-og) is a hamlet and census-designated place (CDP) in the towns of Islip and Smithtown in Suffolk County, New York, United States.

Is Smithtown a rich area?

Smithtown profile

Smithtown home prices are not only among the most expensive in New York, but Smithtown real estate also consistently ranks among the most expensive in America. Smithtown is a decidedly white-collar town, with fully 88.57% of the workforce employed in white-collar jobs, well above the national average.

Does Smithtown have a downtown?

The Smithtown Town Board has unveiled a draft of its comprehensive plan aimed at setting a town-wide trajectory for decades to come, with an emphasis on the downtown districts. ... In place of the town's Central Business districts, the following would be created: Transit Village (TV) District in downtown Smithtown.

Is Hauppauge a safe town?

Hauppauge is a nice and safe town to live in. It's close to beaches, rural areas, urban areas, etc. There isn't a lot of crime.

Who founded Smithtown?

Richard Smythe, the founder and patentee of Smithtown, remains an elusive historical figure….

Does the Smithtown Library take book donations?

Book sales are made possible with the help of those who donate their quality books, DVDs and music CDs. Call any Adult Reference Desk at (631) 360-2480 for information about donating materials and be sure to read The Smithtown Library newsletter for book sale dates and further information regarding the scholarship.

Where should I live if I work in Long Island?

  • The Best Long Island Neighborhoods for Millennials. May 14, 2019. ...
  • Greenport. The history of Greenport dates back to the mid-1600s. ...
  • Smithtown. Ranked among the best towns to live in Long Island, Smithtown, in Suffolk County, lies along Long Island's north shore. ...
  • Bellmore. ...
  • Roslyn. ...
  • Massapequa. ...
  • Stony Brook. ...
  • Lake Ronkonkoma.

Where should I live in Long Island?

The Best Places To Live On Long Island
  • Massapequa. If you're the head of a young family that wants to grow, check out Massapequa. ...
  • Plainview. Don't be fooled by the name. ...
  • Commack. If nothing else, Commack is a sports lover's dream. ...
  • Huntington. ...
  • Islip. ...
  • Islandia. ...
  • Smithtown. ...
  • Valley Stream.

Is it expensive to live on Long Island?

Long Island Is The Second Most Expensive Place To Live In The United States. When it comes to living on Long island we all know it isn't the cheapest place to live. ... It turns out that Long Island is the second most expensive place to live in the United States. It cost a family of four $103,000 a year just to get by.

When did Smithtown General Hospital close?

The hospital was shut down in 1999 and the land has been vacant since then. For more than a decade, various developers have eyed the abandoned lot — seen by some residents as an eyesore — as the potential site of their projects, but all plans up until Beechwood's have fallen through.

What towns are in town of Huntington?

There are four incorporated Villages in the Town: Northport, Asharoken, Lloyd Harbor, and Huntington Bay.