Meta-owned WhatsApp has taken the world by storm and captured the top spot in the instant messaging world. The messaging application uses the Internet to send and receive messages, video, audio, documents, user locations, and images. The developers of this application are consistently busy doling out new features and updates to keep users hooked.

For instance, WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp Payment to make it easier for users to send money to their loved ones without switching applications. Also, it made it possible for users to use WhatsApp on their web browser so they are always connected and never miss another important message. So, if you have a Mac and your iPhone is dying, you can quickly log into WhatsApp on your Mac device. The conversations will start from where you left it off. If you want WhatsApp for Mac usage tips, you can check out the article on Setapp. The article will give you valuable insights and make it easier for you to use the messaging app.

Furthermore, it has recently increased the file sharing limit to 2GB, launched Communities, and added new message reactions.

This article discusses the new features you can expect on WhatsApp’s next big update in 2023. Stay prepared!

Screen Share

Expect to see a new screen share feature to let you share your phone screen during a video call. There will be a dedicated icon in the call control view for sharing your screen. The feature is similar to the screen sharing feature available on Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing apps.

Once the feature is turned on, the participants of the video call will be able to view and also record the content displayed by the recipient. But WhatsApp users will exercise complete over this feature and can discontinue sharing their screen whenever they want. Also, this feature only works if the users give consent to share the screen.

Screenshot Blocking

The screenshot blocking feature is currently in beta testing. This feature will let users prevent users from taking screenshots of the view once images and videos. You can utilize this feature to turn on screen recording and capture restrictions for pictures or videos that are being shared.

All WhatsApp users will get access to this feature in 2023.


Avatars have already launched on Instagram and Facebook. If you are an avid social media user, you already know how this feature works. Now, this feature is making its way into WhatsApp, and you can use them as a mask while making video calls. You can also use them as a sticker.

Voice Status

WhatsApp has started rolling out voice status for iOS and Android. The feature lets users send voice messages in the form of status updates. You can use this feature by heading over to the Status tab and choosing the pencil icon at the bottom. Then, tap on the microphone icon on the next screen and start recording your voice message. The message can be recorded for up to thirty seconds.

Chat Lock

The chat lock feature is to ensure maximum privacy of users’ data. It lets users add a Face ID or fingerprint lock. You can hide all your group and private chats. You can enable this feature by heading over to the profile’s information screen and finding the chat lock option. Then, click the option and enable the feature.

The locked chats are accessed by swiping down on the Chats screen because they are moved to a secure folder.

Picture-in-Picture for Video Calls

You can enjoy picture-in-picture mode for video calls on WhatsApp. You can minimize the video call window while browsing through other applications. This feature was already available for Android devices, and it took some time to arrive for iOS users. The video call window is minimized into a small interface, and you can drag or place it anywhere on the screen. By enabling the PiP mode, you can multitask on your device with ease.

Silence Unknown Calls

You can go to the app’s privacy settings and silence unknown calls. Enable this feature, and then you won’t receive unknown calls or calls from unsaved contacts. The function is available on iOS and Android. Navigate to WhatsApp Settings > click Privacy > Calls > Silence Unknown Callers.

This feature is also directed toward users’ safety and privacy. You will not get bugged by unknown people calling and distracting you from your work.

The Bottom Line

These are some exciting features coming to WhatsApp in 2023. Some might have already been introduced to the app if you have recently updated the messaging application.

The new features aim to make it much more convenient and flexible to use WhatsApp for business and personal uses. Also, it emphasizes users’ safety and privacy.

So, don’t forget to implement these feature to make the most use of this app.