During which season is the coldest month in johannesburg?

Last Update: May 30, 2022

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June is the coldest month in Johannesburg, with an average high-temperature of 16°C (60.8°F) and an average low-temperature of 4.1°C (39.4°F).

When was the coldest winter in Johannesburg?

Many areas broke records that have stood for decades. Johannesburg saw a record-low of -7ºC (19.4ºF), beating the previous record low of -6.3ºC from July 19, 1995. The coldest minimum was recorded in the city of Kimberley in the Northern Cape province, which saw the mercury plummet to -9.9ºC (14ºF).

Which season is coldest in South Africa?

South Africa has typical weather for the Southern Hemisphere, with the coldest days in June–August. On the central plateau, which includes the Free State and Gauteng provinces, the altitude keeps the average temperatures below 20 °C (68 °F); Johannesburg, for example, lies at 1,753 metres (5,751 ft).

What is the coldest temperature in Johannesburg?

The hottest day of the year is January 1, with an average high of 78°F and low of 59°F. The cool season lasts for 2.2 months, from May 28 to August 2, with an average daily high temperature below 65°F. The coldest day of the year is July 5, with an average low of 36°F and high of 61°F.

Is July the coldest month?

The coldest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 16°C (60°F). June is the most wet month. This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. September is the driest month.

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Is Australia hot or cold in July?

While Australia is better known as a hot-weather destination, in fact much of the south of the country gets quite cold in the winter. Even places that still experience warm daytime temperatures in July can get very cold at night, such as the middle of the desert.

Is Johannesburg safe?

How Safe Is Johannesburg Really? Johannesburg has a reputation of a lawless city and very high crime levels, so the sight of police and security guards is very common. However, though crime rates are very high, tourists are seldom victims, since the crimes occur in areas rarely frequented by tourists.

Does Johannesburg get snow?

Snowfalls with accumulation on the ground, however, are not impossible, in fact, they occurred in May 1956, in August 1962, in June 1964, in September 1981, and more recently, on June 28, 2007, and on August 7, 2012. In nearby Pretoria, located at a bit lower altitude, snow is even more rare.

How do u say hello in South Africa?

1. Howzit – A traditional South African greeting that translates roughly as “How are you?” or simply “Hello”. 2. Heita – An urban and rural greeting used by South Africans.

Is South Africa a hot or cold country?

Most of the country has warm, sunny days and cool nights. Rainfall generally occurs during summer (November through March), although in the southwest, around Cape Town, rainfall occurs in winter (June to August). Temperatures are influenced by variations in elevation, terrain, and ocean currents more than latitude.

Which is the hottest month in South Africa?

The warmest month is February with an average maximum temperature of 26°C (79°F). The coldest month is July with an average maximum temperature of 17°C (63°F). June is the most wet month.

What is the hottest place in South Africa?

Although Letaba is recognized by the South African Weather Service as the official average hottest spot is SA, Upington takes the crown from hell with a whopping 36ºC maximum temperature average. Upington's minimum is 21ºC.

What is a soft frost?

Full Soft Frost: This white vinyl product offers a light soft glow and and holds its diffusion properties even when wet, making it perfect for wet weather applications. ... Half Soft Frost: This frosted vinyl product offers a unique scattering of light and allows more light to transmit, minimizing light loss.

How often does it snow in Johannesburg?

According to South African Weather Service records, it has only snowed in Johannesburg on 22 other days in the last 103 years, AP news agency reports. The last snow fell in the city in June 2007 and before that in September 1981.

What season is it in South Africa?

Generally speaking, therefore, the wet season, the southern hemisphere's summer, occurs between October and March, the dry season, its winter, June through to August, while spring is September and Autumn April and May.

Which places have snow in South Africa?

Where to go for some snow.
  • Matroosberg, Western Cape. ...
  • Cederberg, Western Cape. ...
  • Sutherland, Northern Cape. ...
  • Rhodes, Eastern Cape.

What season is it in Johannesburg South Africa?

Keep in mind, though, that Jo'burg's Southern Hemisphere location means its winter starts in June and lasts through August, while summer runs from December to February. As a result, the region's high season, which is defined by large crowds and high prices, occurs during the summer months (America's winter).

Is it safe to walk around Johannesburg?

The artsy neighborhood of Joburg is home to art museums, theaters, and art galleries. While it is safe to walk around during the day, pickpocketing is a possibility, especially around Market Theatre, which is a popular gathering area.

What is the safest suburb in Johannesburg?

Best Places To Live In Johannesburg
  • FOURWAYS/DAINFERN. Here are many properties, and lots of high security estates. ...
  • BRYANSTON. Close to Fourways, you'll find central living, large properties, lots of cluster homes to choose from. ...
  • SANDTON. ...
  • ILLOVO. ...

Where is hottest in Australia in July?

Drysdale River National Park is right near Kalumburu, which, with average July temperatures of 38.3 degrees, is consistently Australia's hottest winter locale.

Does it snow in Australia in July?

Winter in Australia starts in June and lasts until the month of August, making for a total of three months per year. During this time, the nation experiences cooler climates overall, though not all parts experience snowfall. ... But it does get cold at certain times, so bundle up wherever you go when it's winter.

Is July a good time to go to Australia?

What is the best time to visit Australia? September to November & March to May are best time to visit Australia. Most of the tourists opt for these months to visit Australia. The weather during these seasons is neither too hot nor too cold that makes it perfect to have a walk around Australia.