Kendall is in the middle of a love triangle. He’s been dating Jo for several months, but he’s recently developed strong feelings for Lucy. With his heart torn between two people, Kendall must decide which one to choose. Who will Kendall pick?

Jo and Lucy: A Love Triangle

Kendall and Jo have been together for a few months and share a strong connection. They enjoy spending time with each other, going to the movies, and taking romantic walks. Jo is a kind and supportive partner, and she always puts Kendall’s needs first.

On the other hand, Kendall recently met Lucy and has quickly developed strong feelings for her. Lucy is a vivacious and outgoing person who always makes Kendall laugh. She’s a good listener who always takes the time to listen to Kendall’s stories and concerns. Even though Kendall and Lucy have only been dating for a few weeks, Kendall feels a strong connection with her.

Who Will Kendall Choose?

Kendall knows that he has to make a decision, but he can’t seem to choose between Jo and Lucy. He loves them both for different reasons and can’t bear to hurt either of them.

Kendall’s friends have been trying to help him make a decision, but they can’t seem to agree on who he should pick. Some of his friends think he should stay with Jo because they have a strong connection, while others think he should choose Lucy because she makes him happy.

Kendall is still undecided and is struggling to make a decision. He knows that he needs to choose soon, but he’s not sure who he should choose.

Only Kendall can decide who he should choose between Jo and Lucy. He must weigh the pros and cons of each relationship and decide which one is best for him. Ultimately, it is up to Kendall to make the decision and choose the person he loves the most.