Dish Network, formerly known as EchoStar Communications Corporation, is a US satellite television provider. Blockbuster, on the other hand, is the iconic movie rental chain that once dominated the video rental industry. Dish Network and Blockbuster have had a long relationship, but does Dish Network own Blockbuster? Let’s take a look.

Dish Network’s Relationship with Blockbuster

Dish Network has had a long relationship with Blockbuster. In 2011, Dish Network acquired Blockbuster for $320 million. At the time, Blockbuster was struggling financially and Dish Network saw an opportunity to acquire the iconic movie rental chain.

Dish Network had plans to turn Blockbuster into a streaming service, but those plans never materialized. Instead, the company focused on using Blockbuster’s brand recognition to market its own satellite TV service. Dish Network used the Blockbuster brand to offer a package of movie channels and a streaming service that allowed customers to watch movies on their computers or mobile devices.

Does Dish Network Own Blockbuster?

The short answer is no. In 2013, Dish Network sold Blockbuster to a group of investors for $234 million. The investors then formed a company called “Blockbuster LLC” and took over the operations of the Blockbuster brand.

Today, Blockbuster LLC is a separate company from Dish Network. It continues to operate the Blockbuster brand, which includes the Blockbuster movie rental stores, the Blockbuster streaming service, and the Blockbuster movie channels that are available on Dish Network.

In conclusion, Dish Network does not own Blockbuster. The two companies have a long history together, but Blockbuster is now owned by a separate group of investors. Although Dish Network and Blockbuster continue to have a relationship, Dish Network is no longer the owner of the Blockbuster brand.