Does belgaum belong to maharashtra?

Last Update: October 15, 2022

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Belgaum, currently a part of Karnataka and earlier the erstwhile Bombay Presidency, is claimed by Maharashtra on linguistic grounds.

Is Belgaum a good city?

Belgaum city, known as Belagavi is a good choice to live in because of its good weather, many places to travel nearby and in the city itself, a decent educational facility for students, good transportations, good roads, culture, food, etc.

Is Belgaum a city or district?

Belagavi has now become one of the important and considered district in the state of Karnataka. Belagavi is now marching with a tag of fast growing, redeveloping district with a population of 47,79,661 as per 2011 Census. Belagavi is exactly at the center between Mumbai and Bangalore.

Why is Belgaum famous?

Belgaum is famous for its temples and the religious-minded traveler could find a number of temples here-the main ones being Kamal Basti (in Belgaum Fort )Kapileshwar temple, Shani temple and the Maruti Temple.

What is the area of Belgaum district?

The district has an area of 13,415 km2 (5,180 sq mi) making it the largest district in Karnataka, and is bounded by Kolhapur District and Sangli district of Maharashtra state on the west and north, on the northeast by Bijapur district, on the east by Bagalkot district, on the southeast by Gadag district, on the south ...

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What language is spoken in Belgaum?

The local languages spoken in this city are Kannada and Marathi language and official language is Kannada. There are also minority number of Urdu, Hindi and Konkani speakers. Hindi and English is understood by the people of the city.

Which fruit is grown in Belgaum district?

Pointing to the successful cultivation of grapes across large tracts in Belagavi, Hakate added, “According to figures from 2018-19, grapes are cultivates across nearly 5,000 hectares in the district, and annual production of the fruit comes up to nearly 79,771 tonnes.

Which Belgaum sweet is famous?

Some of our famous Sweets include Belgaum Famous Kunda, Karadant and Laddu.

Which is the smallest district in Karnataka?

Bengaluru Urban is the smallest district of Karnataka. It covers an area of just 2,190 sq. km2 (850 sq. mi) in Karnataka.

Why is Belgaum not in Maharashtra?

Maharashtra staked a claim over Belgaum city citing, in its opinion "the feeling of insecurity among the Marathi speaking people living in Karnataka, in the recent days". Belgaum district along with Belgaum city continues to be a part of Karnataka state while Maharashtra awaits the Supreme Court's verdict.

Who is Belgaum DC?

Shri. M G Hiremath, IAS is the Deputy commissioner of Belagavi from 10-05-2021. He has worked in various capacities as DC Gadag and Belagavi.

What can you buy in Belgaum?

What things can I buy from Belgaum? Belgaum is famous for its brass utensils, jewelry, wood products, showpieces, and Silk sarees.

Why is Belgaum called the cradle of infantry?

Belgaum in Karnataka is known as Cradle of Infantry. It served as a military base during the British Era and also after independence. The key reasons as to why British selected Belgaum as military base include its salubrious climate and proximity to Goa, which then was in hands of the Portuguese.

What is grown in Belgaum?

Major crops grown in the area are jowar, maize, paddy, wheat, bajra, grams, tur, groundnut, sunflower, sugarcane, cotton, tobacco etc.

Which is richest Taluk in Karnataka?

richest taluk in karnataka. Kundapur Taluk is bounded on the west by the Arabian Sea, on the south by Brahmavar, on the north by Panchagangavali River, and the east by the Western Ghats.. From Hebbal constituency, he won as a member of legislative assembly (MLA).

Which place is called Kashmir of Karnataka?

Karwar is the place where the legendary writer Late. Shri Rabindranath Tagore first penned his poems. He was greatly impressed by the beauty of Karwar, that he quoted it to be the Kashmir of Karnataka. It is just another paradise where the Western Ghats directly plunge into the Arabian sea.

Who built Belgaum fort?

It was built by Jaya Raya, also called Bichi Raja, an ally of the Rattas, during 1204 AD. Subsequently, the fort has undergone several renovations under different rulers of the region. The fort, with fine ramparts and a large moat, has two shrines of Lord Ganapati and Goddess Durga at the entrance.

What is the population of Belgaum in 2020?

The current metro area population of Belgaum in 2021 is 738,000, a 1.79% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Belgaum in 2020 was 725,000, a 1.83% increase from 2019. The metro area population of Belgaum in 2019 was 712,000, a 1.71% increase from 2018.

What is the name of Belgaum railway station?

Belgaum Railway station is situated in Belagavi, Karnataka. Station code of Belgaum is BGM.

How do I contact Belgaum DC?

DC Belagavi
  1. Email : deo[dot]belagavi[at]gmail[dot]com.
  2. Designation : DC Belagavi.
  3. Phone : 08312407200.
  4. Fax No. : 08312407273.
  5. Room No. : ...
  6. Activity : District Collector.