Do you sympathize with pahom why or why not?

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Though the story warns against greed, which can tempt anyone, the extent of Pahom's greed and the fact that it leads to his death make it unlikely that readers will sympathize much with him. Rather, readers are warned to not be like Pahom.

What kind of character is Pahom?

In Tolstoy's parable, "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" the main character named Pahom is a man who is never satisfied, a characteristic suggested in the title. He also is acquisitive, and he later becomes irrational.

What does Pahom believe is the only trouble that peasants face?

, Pahom claims that the only problem faced by peasants is a lack of land.

What message does the character of Pahom give in the story?

What message does the character of Pahom give in how much land does a man need? He desires land of his own. In fact, he boasts that if he had enough land, he would not fear the devil himself. Pahom manages to borrow enough money to buy land of his own.

Why did Pahom end up dying?

Why did Pahom die? ... Because of his greed, he tried to go around too much land, ran short of time, and died from the exertion.

but.. you did this for what?

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What did Pahom see when he reached the starting point?

That night, Pahom experiences a surreal dream in which he sees himself lying dead by the feet of the Devil, who is laughing. He stays out as late as possible, marking out land until just before the sun sets. ... He finally arrives at the starting point just as the sun sets.

What does Pahom mean?

Pahom is a peasant determined to rise to the upper class by purchasing as much land as he possibly can.

What message does the character of Pahom give in how much land does a man need?

Pahom. Pahom is the main character of the short story. He is the husband of the younger sister and believes that the hard work inherent to country life makes its people immune to temptation. However, Pahom is discontent: he boldly thinks to himself that if he only had enough land, he “shouldn't fear the Devil himself!”

What is Pahom's main flaw?

In "How Much Land Does a Man Need?," Pahom's main flaw is greed. He is ungrateful for the life he has and is continuously dissatisfied with the land that he has acquired, and he carries on his quest for more and more until it eventually kills him.

Why was the steward hated by the peasants?

She always had a fairly good relationship with her peasants; that was, until she hired an old soldier to be her steward. The steward immediately makes himself unpopular with the peasants by burdening them with fines, imposing them for the slightest infraction.

What is the moral of the story How Much Land Does a Man Need?

The moral of the story 'How Much Land Does a Man Need' is that excessive desire can make a person lose all they have.

Why does pakhom want to buy land at first?

Pahom wants to acquire as much land as possible because of his greed. In the story, Pahom's sole goal in life is to acquire as much land as he can get his hands on so that he can attain wealth through it. It is a telling example of colonialism and the relentless pursuit of wealth.

Who is the antagonist in how much land does a man need?

Antagonist. The Devil; ' "All right", thought the Devil, "We'll have a tussle.

How does Pahom describe their lifestyle?

Pahom was very contented and filled with joy over becoming a landowner. He enjoyed ploughing and sowing his own land, making hay on his own land, cutting his own trees, and feeding his cattle on his own pasture.

What happens in Pahom's dream in how much land does a man need?

Pahom realizes that the man is himself. This dream foreshadows Pahom's fate, as he works so hard trying to mark off his land that it kills him. In order to claim his land, he has to return to the spot where he started, but it is so hard for him that he dies upon reaching his starting place.

How much land does a man need question and answer?

How much land does Pahom need? The short answer: just enough to bury his dead body.

Who are the Bashkirs in how much land does a man need?

The leader of the Bashkirs and implied to be the Devil in disguise. The Bashkirs are unable to give Pakhom any amount of land without the elder's permission, and he is the only Bashkir who can speak Russian.

What is the irony in How Much Land Does a Man Need?

The ongoing irony in “How Much Land Does a Man Need” has to do with the fact that Pakom cannot stop trying to enlarge the amount of land he is going to acquire for his one thousand roubles. He keeps walking farther and farther, trying to enclose more and more of the rich land.

What does Pahom dream about?

In Chapter 7 of Leo Tolstoy's "How Much Land Does a Man Need?" Pahom dreams of being awakened to find a man laughing outside of his tent. When he approaches the man, the man transforms from the Bashkir Chief, to the dealer, to the peasant from the Volga, to the Devil.

What was the Devil promised to give Pahom?

The Devil overhears Pahom's assertion that if he had enough land, he should fear nothing, not even the Devil himself. The Devil then accepts this challenge and gives Pahom as much land as he wants, knowing that Pahom's soul will become so utterly corroded with greed that he'll effectively belong to him.

How much land does a man need ?: Chapter 2 Summary?

The old soldier is relentless in fining Pakhom, making his life as a peasant miserable. ... The lady landowner suddenly decides to sell her estate and the local peasants fear the innkeeper will buy her land, imposing even more fines on them. Pakhom fears that his family will not survive if he continues to be fined.

How did Pahom cover the land he wanted to buy?

When Pahom came to hear about this, he was envious. He wanted to buy land too, so he sold some of his belongings to buy forty acres. His land provided him good harvest, allowing him to pay off all his debts, and in turn he became a successful landowner.

What does man live by Tolstoy?

"What Men Live By" is a short story written by Russian author Leo Tolstoy in 1885. It is one of the short stories included in his collection What Men Live By, and Other Tales, published in 1885.

What killed Pahom?

Having been in the hot sun all day, Pahom dies from exhaustion. In the end, it is shown that all the land a man needs is enough to bury him in. Leo Tolstoy really shows that when a person allows greed to overtake them, then we all fall prey to the devil.