Lemon trees are a popular type of citrus tree that are known for their brightly-colored and tart-tasting fruit. They are easily recognizable due to their distinctive green-and-yellow leaves and whitish-colored flowers. But do lemon trees start out green?

Lemon Tree Growth

Lemon trees are fast-growing evergreen trees that can reach heights of up to 25 feet. They have a wide, spreading canopy of glossy green leaves and fragrant white flowers that bloom throughout the year. The leaves and flowers are followed by the lemon fruit, which is green when it first appears and then turns yellow as it ripens.

From Green to Yellow

Lemons start out as small, green, unripe fruits on the tree. As it matures, the lemon will gradually change from green to yellow and become softer and juicier. The amount of time it takes for a lemon to ripen depends on the variety of the tree and the climate it is grown in. Generally, it takes about three months for a lemon to go from green to yellow.

In conclusion, lemon trees start out with green leaves and green fruits, but as they mature, the fruits will gradually turn yellow as they ripen. This process can take several months, depending on the variety of the tree and the climate it is grown in.