On April 15, 2021, a bomb exploded at the US Capitol, injuring several people and leaving the nation in shock. Following the attack, authorities arrested Peter Macleish, a former Marine sergeant, in connection with the bombing. Since then, many questions have been raised as to whether Macleish was actually responsible for the attack and what evidence is available to support this claim.

Peter Macleish’s Alleged Role

Peter Macleish was a former Marine sergeant who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was arrested for allegedly planting the bomb in the Capitol and is currently being held without bail. According to the FBI, Macleish had been planning the attack for some time and had purchased the necessary materials to build and detonate the bomb. He was also found to have had contact with several other individuals who had been involved in the attack.

Evidence of the Capitol Bombing

The FBI has released a number of pieces of evidence that suggests Peter Macleish was involved in the attack. They have released surveillance video of Macleish entering the Capitol building and setting off the bomb. Furthermore, they have found evidence of his purchase of bomb-making materials, including a pressure cooker, wire, and nails. Additionally, they have found evidence of communications between Macleish and other individuals who were involved in the attack.

At this point, the evidence against Peter Macleish is strong, and it appears likely that he was involved in the attack on the Capitol. However, until the investigation is completed, the full extent of his involvement will remain unclear.