Did jon abbate play in the nfl?

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Jon Abbate (born June 18, 1985) is a former American football linebacker. He played college football at Wake Forest University in 2004–2006 and was signed as a free agent by the Houston Texans of the National Football League (NFL) in 2007.

What does Jon Abbate do now?

After college, Jon Abbate went on to a short-lived career in professional football. He is now an executive sales representative with SouthTech, a Raleigh-based company that makes orthopedic surgical devices.

Who is Jon Abbate wife?

Relationships between Jon and his girlfriend (Jullian Batherson) or between him and his teammates go largely unexplored.

What does the tradition started by Jon going into the final quarter of the game involve?

Gradually, the rest of his team started to do the same. Within a couple of games, players from both teams, the fans in the stands, and those watching the games on television, would begin the final quarter by raising their hands with all 5 fingers outstretched in honor of Luke's memory.

Is the fifth quarter a true story?

Background. The plot is based on a true story, dealing with the events of the Wake Forest football team's 2006 season. Luke Abbate's parents set up a foundation in his honor, which gives scholarships to deserving students from Luke's high school and helps families deal with issues around reckless teenage driving.

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Was Jon Abbate in the 5th Quarter?

The 2006 season

Grobe agreed, and Abbate wore the number throughout his junior season. ... A movie about Jon Abbate, his brother Luke, and Wake Forest's 2006 football season, entitled The 5th Quarter, was released on March 25, 2011.

What does Fifth Quarter mean?

: the parts of a slaughtered animal other than offal that supplement the four quarters (as the giblets in poultry and the head, tail, hide, horns, hoofs, fat, tallow, tongue, heart, and liver in cattle and sheep)

What is the fifth quarter of an animal?

To put it simply the fifth quarter (QUNITO QUARTO in Italian ) is the remaining pieces of an animal carcass which are not being used for meat production. This included the organs, hide, intestines, feet, the head, horns, hooves, bones, fats and anything left once all the good meat is taken away.

Can there be a fifth quarter?

Fifth Quarter Payments occurs where there are scheduled payments and where there is an expectation that services will be continued through renewals or subsequent contracts.

Who is the trainer in the 5th Quarter?

Several real-life participants in the story will play themselves in the film, including the Abbates' Atlanta-based pastor, Jon Abbate's trainer and Wake Forest's game announcer.

Where was Luke Abbate accident?

Adam Abbate sat in the dark theater, surrounded by strangers and watched the worst time of his life unfold on the screen. On Feb. 13, 2006, his younger brother, Luke, 15, a passenger in a car driven by another Harrison High School student, was critically injured in a car wreck in Cobb County.

What happened to the other passengers in the Luke Abbate accident?

The driver lost control of the car at around 90 mph and the car spun off the road into an embankment about 70 feet below. The accident caused irreversible brain damage and Luke died two days later. While the other passengers and driver survived.

Where did Luke Abbate go to high school?

Luke Abbate was 15 — a sophomore at Harrison High School in west Cobb — when his ride home from lacrosse practice had to cancel and he accepted a ride with three other friends on Feb. 15, 2006.