Hurricane Dorian recently made landfall on the Bahamas archipelago, bringing with it extensive destruction and devastation. One of the islands that was affected was Andros, the largest island of the Bahamas. Here, we will explore the impact of Dorian on Andros Island and the extent of the damage.

Dorian’s Impact on Andros Island

When Dorian made landfall on the Bahamas, it was a Category 5 hurricane, with wind speeds of up to 185 mph. This was the strongest hurricane to ever make landfall in the Bahamas. As it approached Andros Island, Dorian caused extensive damage to the homes and infrastructure on the island. Many homes were destroyed, while others were left severely damaged.

The strong winds of the hurricane also caused extensive flooding on the island. The island was inundated with up to 12 feet of water in some areas, and the flooding caused significant damage to the roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Assessing the Damage

The damage caused by Dorian on Andros Island is still being assessed. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, the island was left without power and water, and many of the roads and bridges on the island were impassable.

The extent of the damage is still being determined, but it is clear that the island has suffered significant destruction. Many of the homes on the island have been destroyed, and the infrastructure on the island has been severely damaged.

The government of the Bahamas is working to assess the damage and to provide relief and assistance to the people of Andros Island. In the meantime, the people of Andros Island are in need of support and assistance as they begin the long process of rebuilding their lives and their homes.

The impact of Dorian on Andros Island was devastating, and the island is still in need of assistance and support as it begins to recover from the storm. As the extent of the damage is assessed, it is clear that the people of Andros Island will need help in order to rebuild their lives and their homes.