Did aunt lydia kill herself in the testaments?

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Becka dies while hiding in a cistern to perpetuate the ruse that "Jade" had run off with a plumber. Lydia, the author of the Ardua Hall Holograph, closes her story by describing her plan to commit suicide with a morphine overdose before she can be questioned and executed.

Does Aunt Lydia kill herself in The Testaments?

Lydia isn't one of the commanders, engaging in a decadent lifestyle while her girls suffer. She lives the life she's sentencing other women to, and she dies the death she sentences Becka to, the suicide of your own choice, before the torture starts.

What happened to Aunt Lydia in Testaments?

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Dowd explains that the responsibility Aunt Lydia has placed on herself over June (Elisabeth Moss) being able to orchestrate the escape of so many Gilead children at the end of season three has been driving Lydia's actions in season four.

Does Aunt Lydia get punished?

After the Takeover

She then congratulates the women for their fertility, but when Janine scoffed at the idea of bearing children for the barren Wives of Commanders, Aunt Lydia shocks her with a cattle prod and later removes her right eye as punishment.

Is Aunt Lydia good or bad in The Testaments?

One of the three narrators is someone readers already know: Aunt Lydia, a notorious villain in the original book. She's since been brought to life by Ann Dowd in Hulu's adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale. (TIME recently revealed that Dowd also reads the role in the audiobook edition of The Testaments.)

Aunt Lydia's Handmaid's Tale Backstory Explained

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Does Aunt Lydia Love Janine?

Throughout The Handmaid's Tale, Aunt Lydia shows a sincere attachment to Janine. Dowd told The Hollywood Reporter that this is because she wishes she had never removed Janine's eye, saying: “She made a mistake with Janine. She can't quite forgive herself for taking that eye out.

Why did Aunt Lydia cry after beating Janine?

But as explained by show writer and producer Eric Tuchman, Aunt Lydia is dealing with the emotional aftermath of her brief fall from grace. And her softness toward Janine is a sign of her evolution. “I mean, Aunt Lydia, this season has been dealing with being sidelined from her position of power,” he told EW.

Why does Aunt Lydia cry when ringing the bell?

Aunt Lydia, exuberant, tells June to get up – she no longer has to endure the same punishment as the other women. On her way to ring the bell in celebration, Aunt Lydia weeps. Clearly, she believes in this mission. ... June says she isn't hungry.

Is Aunt Lydia Good or Bad Season 4?

If we're being honest, Lydia has never really been of a sound mind, but in the most recent episodes of season four, she's definitely struggled more than usual to retain her composure. Following June's "betrayal", Lydia got a bit trigger-happy with her taser and ended up sizzling a fellow Aunt.

Why did Aunt Lydia say it wasn't her fault?

Lydia knows that it is forbidden she share details of her past with June: we know this, because she herself tells us this is the case. However, she goes on to tell the Handmaid about her nephew's death – and immediately adds that it wasn't her fault.

Does Serena Joy get pregnant?

However, his wife, Serena Joy Waterford, played by Yvonne Strahovski, is completely unaware of what happened. Still in governmental custody, Serena is pregnant, in a detention cell, and waiting to Zoom with her husband, who she thinks has flown to Geneva to stand trial for his crimes.

Does Aunt Lydia actually care?

Despite her brutal behavior and the harsh nation she dutifully serves, she seems to genuinely care about the handmaids and what she perceives to be their wellbeing. After all, she wholeheartedly believes in Gilead's values. But that doesn't stop the nation's higher-ups from putting her out to pasture.

Why did Aunt Lydia burn Almas hand?

Why did Aunt Lydia burn Almas hand? Later the other handmaids are brought in soaking wet and forced to form two straight lines. Aunt Lydia takes them one by one and chains them to the stove. She individually burns their wrists as punishment for their insubordinate behavior.

Does Aunt Lydia Love The Handmaids?

But she's also capable of genuine affection, and seems to truly love at least a few of her Handmaids—none more so than Janine (Madeline Brewer).

Is Aunt Lydia a gender traitor?

Aunt Lydia is a "gender traitor."

In the eighth episode of season 8, we saw Aunt Lydia as Miss Clements, a divorced teacher who didn't have much luck with men. After watching the makeup scene with Noelle, however, many Reddit users suspect that the strict, cruel Aunt is actually suppressing her sexuality.

What does Aunt Lydia do to Aunt Sally?

Sally went missing shortly afterwards. She returns to Gilead, and confesses to Aunt Lydia that she killed Adrianna after she began to attack Sally.

What does Aunt Lydia represent in The Handmaid's Tale?

Following the escape of "Baby Nicole," Aunt Lydia is responsible for turning her into a legendary figure - a symbol of the potential betrayal within Gilead.

Is Aunt Lydia part of Mayday?

Is Aunt Lydia part of Mayday? Lydia will continue to shift in powerful ways throughout the rest of The Handmaid's Tale. This will all lead up to her plot in The Testaments, in which she works with Mayday to bring Gilead down.

Are June and Aunt Lydia the same?

June may never repeat their heinous crimes, but she is Aunt Lydia in the sense that, as The Handmaid's Tale season 4 nears its endgame, she holds a lot of power and anger, and isn't afraid to unleash either.

Why did Aunt Lydia cry?

After publicly beating Janine, Lydia excuses herself from the company of the commanders, their wives and all the other witnesses in attendance. Alone in a quiet corner of the Putnam household, Lydia cries to herself, overwhelmed with the enormity of her own actions.

Why did Emily stab Aunt Lydia?

'" On season two, one of the handmaids, Emily (Alexis Bledel), rebelled against Aunt Lydia by stabbing her in the back. Lydia then fell over a banister midway down a flight of stairs. ... "So, to see people staring at her, to see a handmaid out of control, that triggers her.

Is Aunt Lydia bad?

Even though she's a villain, Aunt Lydia has faced her own share of scary moments over the course of the show. Those incidents 100% caught up with her in Season 4 after she and Commander Lawrence struck a deal to get her back in power.

Did Janine sleep with Steven?

Janine has taken to sleeping with Steven (Omar Maskati) regularly, and has come to think of herself as his girlfriend. June isn't pleased by this—both because Steven coerced Janine into a sexual relationship and because June is jealous and a bit possessive of her friend.

Did Aunt Lydia get beat up?

She has cuts and bruises on her face, so obviously she was abused and tortured while in custody. Aunt Lydia stands before the Council, where she is allowed to go free after her treatment. ... Lydia thanks them, but another commander says, “This is not an exoneration. Those children were taken by females under your charge.”

Does Aunt Lydia hate June?

But does Mayday need an Aunt Lydia? As the show has gone to great pains to show viewers, Aunt Lydia is a horrendous human being. She punished those who showed her kindness even before Gilead rose. Moreover, it's obvious Lydia hates June; she resents her for failing to embody her teachings time and again.