These tips will help you design the perfect t-shirt to represent your business

You would love to see your staff wearing T-shirts that represent your company

Not only will employees have a comfortable uniform, but the shirts are also advertising your brand. 

You’ve found the perfect tshirt printing Singapore company, the only problem is coming up with a design. 

While the company name and/or logo is an option. You want something different and unique. 

So, how do you find a design that represents your brand?

Stay Consistent with Your Brand

The company logo is consistent with your brand. It also applies to the new design. 

For example, if your business is pets it doesn’t make sense to use a construction-themed design. 

Think about what goods or services your company sells. 

Does your company support a local charity or sponsor an annual event?

If so, you can incorporate it into your design for the t-shirt printing company in Singapore. 

Keep It Simple

Intricate designs are great for posters, pictures, and graphic wall art. These designs don’t always work on a tee. 

A t-shirt printing company in Singapore will explain complicated designs can be difficult to print. It is often a time-consuming process, even with an automated machine. 

This translates into added costs that can make the tee shirts less affordable. For companies with limited budgets, it can be a problem. 

Another reason to keep the design simple is to grab people’s attention. 

Simple designs are easy to see or read and tend to stick in the mind. 

This way, you are still getting the advertising benefit from the t-shirt. 

Where to Find Inspiration

It’s surprising where you can find inspiration for your design. 

But before you start looking for inspiration, it’s best to decide if you want text or an image. 

You can also do both but keep the text short and the design simple. 

Websites that specialize in hobbies and crafts are a good place to go for ideas. 

You have access to thousands of images and most of these sites have a search bar to help you narrow down your search. 

Try searching for what type of goods or services your business provides. From there, you can continue to narrow down your search. 

Your employees and customers can also provide inspiration. 

Chances are, you’ll get a mix of weird, funny, and great ideas. 

To get everyone excited to participate, consider holding a contest. 

Whoever submits the best design gets a small reward. It can be anything from a small gift certificate to a store discount or even a plaque crediting them with the t-shirt design. 

Where to Get T-shirts Printed 

You are not going to have a problem finding a t-shirt printing company. 

Some of the best t-shirt printing businesses are in Singapore

They can help with everything from selecting the t-shirt color and fabric to choosing a design. 

You can submit multiple designs and see which one looks the best on the t-shirt. 

After choosing the design, all that’s left is to wait for your company t-shirts to arrive.