At does elaboration mean?

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Elaboration is the act of adding more information to existing information to create a more complex, emergent whole. Elaboration is the variant of development implementation: creating new structure relations, putting together, drawing up. It can be defined as adding details or "expanding on" an idea.

What is an example of elaboration?

Essentially, elaboration is encoding the original content in a different but related way. There are primarily two kinds of elaboration: visual and verbal. For example, to learn the pair “cow-ball” a person could form a visual image of a cow kicking a ball.

What does elaboration mean in writing?

Basically, elaboration means provding more specific details. So, if you have been asked to use more elaboration in your writing, you need to explain everything you have covered in your writing in greater detail. This will make your writing stronger and more impactful.

Whats does elaborate mean?

1 : to expand something in detail would you care to elaborate on that statement. 2 : to become elaborate (see elaborate entry 1) transitive verb. 1 : to work out in detail : develop elaborate a theory. 2 : to produce by labor.

What does elaboration mean in a sentence?

Elaboration means "adding details." Kids are famous for answering "good" when asked how school was and "nothing" when asked what they did there. If pressed for elaboration, they might talk about recess, lunch, and even what they learned.

Elaboration using Examples

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What is a good elaboration?

In Informational, elaboration means to explain the main idea in depth using key details that also describe or develop the topic. In Opinion, elaboration means to really dig into the reasons that support your opinion and support your opinion.

What's another word for elaboration?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for elaboration, like: discussion, intricacy, articulation, refinement, explication, contextualisation, characterization, comment, amplification, elaborateness and involution.

Can you elaborate meaning?

To say more about someone or something. Can you elaborate on that? I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to do there.

How do you elaborate a sentence?

Elaborate each sentence by adding words, phrases, or clauses that answer some of the adverb questions: "How?" "When?" "Where?" "Why?" "To what degree?" "How often?" 1.

How can I elaborate more?

Elaboration: 7 Writing Strategies
  1. Describe a Place in Detail. ...
  2. Use Specific Words to Paint Pictures. ...
  3. Show How Something Feels, Smells, Tastes, Sounds or Looks. ...
  4. Compare Two Different Things Through Simile or Metaphor. ...
  5. Use the Exact Thoughts or Words from a Person. ...
  6. Describe How Someone or Something Moves.

How do you explain elaboration?

Elaboration is the variant of development implementation: creating new structure relations, putting together, drawing up. It can be defined as adding details or "expanding on" an idea. It involves developing an idea by incorporating details to amplify the original simple idea.

Why is elaboration important?

Elaboration helps students make connections between new material and what they already know. ... By relating new concepts, ideas or skills to existing prior knowledge, students create new connections and expand the depth and breadth of their knowledge.

What is elaboration strategy?

An elaboration strategy is defined as a process by which the learner builds an internal connection between what is being learned and previous knowledge. They range from simple study skills, such as highlighting important text, to complex thought processes, such as employing analogies.

What are the 7 types of elaboration?

This time we will look at elaboration methods that you can use to help students understand and remember.
  • Keywords. Remember word pairs, either verbal or visual. ...
  • Chains. ...
  • Rhyme. ...
  • Acronyms. ...
  • Word and Picture. ...
  • Sequence. ...
  • Gestures. ...
  • Words to Numbers.

How is elaboration used?

An elaboration strategy is where the student uses elements of what is to be learned and expands them. The student expands the target information by relating other information to it (ex. creating a phrase, making an analogy).

What is an elaboration question?

Definition. Examples. Elaborating Questions. These questions help to extend and broaden the importance of the meaning. Learners can elaborate on the question making it more personal to them.

Where do we use elaborate?

Use the adjective elaborate when you want to describe how something is very detailed or especially complicated, like a devilish prank planned out weeks in advance. The adjective elaborate is used to describe when something is planned with a lot of attention to detail or when something is intricate or detailed itself.

How do you elaborate answers?

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  2. Write a brief, to the point answers. ...
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  4. Choose questions wisely.
  5. Attempt all the questions.
  6. Don't decorate the answer sheet.
  7. Space out each word.
  8. Don't panic.

Is elaborate the same as explain?

As verbs the difference between elaborate and explain

is that elaborate is (used with'' on ''when used with an object ) to give further detail or explanation (about) while explain is to make plain, manifest, or intelligible; to clear of obscurity; to illustrate the meaning of.

Is elaborative a word?

Serving to elaborate. The definition of elaborative is something that provides additional details or information.

What is the difference between elaboration and illustration?

As nouns the difference between elaboration and illustration

is that elaboration is drawing up, putting together, creation while illustration is illustration.

What is elaboration in psychology?

n. 1. the process of interpreting or embellishing information to be remembered or of relating it to other material already known and in memory.

What is elaboration memory?

Elaboration is a long-term memory process which involves changing or adding to material, or making associations to make remembering easier. Elaboration is a cognitive process whereby material is extended or added to (elaborated) to make it more memorable.

What is the opposite of elaboration?

Opposite of the buildup to something more advanced or complex. regress. regression. retrogression. reversion.

What are the 5 learning strategies?

Highly Effective Techniques
  • Practice Testing. Practice testing (sometimes called “retrieval practice”) involves frequent testing or quizzing over a period of time to encourage students' recall of the material from memory. ...
  • Distributed Practice. ...
  • Interleaved Practice. ...
  • Elaborative Interrogation. ...
  • Self-Explanation.