Are sg5 bearings good?

Last Update: May 30, 2022

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GREAT PERFORMANCE AND DURABILITY from the 7-ball bearing design. LESS FRICTION AND INCREASED SPEED are two of the main benefits from the silicone/grease mixture for smoother, faster rolls. METAL SHIELDS PREVENT CONTAMINATES from entering the bearings for consistent performance and spin.

What size are sg5 bearings?

Most inline and roller skate wheel bearings are the standard 608 size, with an 8mm bore, a 22mm diameter, and 7mm wide (open, sealed or non-serviceable and shielded) used for inline skates, scooters, skateboards and some quad speed skates.

What is the difference between ABEC and SG bearings?

The ABEC scale runs from 1-9, the higher the bearing number the better the precision. ... A system that was designed specifically for K2 and Rollerblade brand skates is the ILQ and SG ratings; these systems use the same number scale as the ABEC system with the higher number being the more precise bearing.

Is ABEC 7 or 9 better?

The higher the ABEC rating, the tighter the tolerances are, making the bearing a more precision part. ... In an application like this, an ABEC - 7 or 9 bearing rating may be appropriate. However, a skateboard with 54mm wheels turning 20,000 RPM will be traveling about 127 MPH!

Is ABEC 5 or 7 better?

ABEC 5 vs ABEC 7

The difference between ABEC 5 and ABEC 7 is that the ABEC 7 is structured to be more precise and with higher tolerance than ABEC 5. Also, ABEC 7 is usually sold more than ABEC 5 because of its quality and also how frictionless, and smooth the performance is with it.

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Is ABEC 11 real?

ABEC from a precision standpoint refers to the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) of the American Bearing Manufacturers Association (ABMA). ABEC precision levels do indeed stop at level 9 (there is no ABEC 11 precision level).

Are ABEC 7 bearings good?

Specifically, thanks to its smaller runout and axial play, an ABEC 7 bearing will perform better and last longer in high speed applications, than an ABEC 3 rated bearing. So, if you need a super precise, long-lasting bearing, ABEC 7 is probably the bearing for you.

Is higher ABEC better?

The ABEC scale is an industry accepted standard for the tolerances of a ball bearing. The higher ABEC classes provide better precision, efficiency, and the possibility of greater speed capabilities, but do not necessarily allow the components to spin faster. ...

Are Bones Swiss bearings better than reds?

They are same design but with superior grade Steel races, the ball bearings inside are also upgraded to superior quality materials, then given a superior surface finish. They are as fast as reds but quieter, smoothly and will last longer.

Are ABEC 5 bearings 8mm?

These brand new, professional grade ABEC 5 bearings by Independent are pre-lubricated for a smooth, fast ride. They come in the standard size (608 with a 8mm core, 22mm outer diameter, and 7mm width) and provide the best in performance and durability.

Are ABEC 9 bearings good?

You get a reasonable amount of speed, and at a reasonable cost. ABEC 7 bearings would be very fast and smooth, but very expensive. ... ABEC 9 and higher bearings would be ridiculous to use in a skateboard unless you are doing downhill luge-style skating or something else where your goal is to go insanely fast.

What is the best Rollerblade bearing?

Recommended Bearings for Inline Skates
  • The Bionic ABEC-7 Bearings are some of the best bearings on the market. ...
  • BankRoll Ceramic Bearings are extremely popular in the USA and great for indoor/outdoor use. ...
  • Yolo Swiss Bearings are a great choice for a high-end bearing.

What are ABEC 7 bearings?

ABEC 7 - The ABEC scale is essentially a measurement of bearing tolerance for high precision bearings as dictated by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC). ... Tighter bearing tolerance means that the bearing moves with less resistance at high speeds, giving you a bit more roll for your push.

How many mm are ABEC 7 bearings?

ABEC 5: 0.0035 mm (0.000138") ABEC 7: 0.0025 mm (0.000098") ABEC 9: 0.0012 mm (0.000047")

Are all bearings the same size?

The Right to Bear Speed

Unlike the wheels in which they fit into, all bearings have the same dimensions- 8mm (inner diameter), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm (width). ... Bearings are measured by an ABEC rating system (1, 3, 5, 7, and 9).

What is a 608 bearing?

The 608 is a 8 mm Ball Bearing that can be used in many rotary and factory automation applications. The 608 Miniature Ball Bearings is an open style bearing. The 608Z ball bearing is a single row raceway and single shielded. The 608ZZ ball bearing has a single row raceway and it is shielded on each side.

How can you tell if Reds bearings are fake?

Fakes come with two rubber shields - printed identical to the real ones with Bones Reds China embossed on the rubber. The shields are slightly darker but not noticeable without putting them next to a real shield. The crown holding the ball bearings is brown - but some people have white ones too.

Why are Bones Swiss bearings so expensive?

It cannot be stressed enough that Bones Swiss really are the top of the range skateboard bearing available – they cost more because they are genuinely higher quality than every other bearing available and the testimonials on both their site and from anyone who has ridden them will attest to that fact.

How long do Swiss bearings last?

For more than 36 years preferred by the world's top professional skaters. Proven, professional competition-grade speed and durability make Bones Swiss normally last several times as long as ordinary ABEC rated bearings. Made in Switzerland.

What are the fastest skateboard bearings in the world?

What are the fastest bearings? The fastest skate bearings in the world are brand new bearings, or bearings that you have just cleaned. We stock Bones Bearings, Zealous Bearings, Bronson Bearings and Sabre Bearings.

Does ABEC matter skateboard?

“The precision or the ABEC of the bearing doesn't really matter because skateboarding is a non-precision application,” he says. ... “More important than ABEC ratings, skateboarders should look for the types of materials that the bearings are made of,” he says.

Do skate bearings matter?

Almost every skateboard bearing is the same size and will fit on any skateboard wheel and truck. When choosing your bearings, it is important to think about your experience level and riding style. Bearings with higher quality parts will be faster and more durable.

Are Spitfire Cheapshot bearings good?

4.0 out of 5 stars Good bearings for the price. No complaints, nice seals, easy to clean. I am running these on my daughter's board and they work great. Spitfire has been a trusted brand since I was a kid, great products.

Are ABEC 9 bearings good for longboards?

Yellow Jack Premium Longboard Bearings is a high precision, high-speed bearing that is perfect for street skating & downhill riding. The ABEC 9 rated 8mm steel ball bearings come pre-lubricated with high-speed racing lube, which offers a super speedy, smooth ride. ... They are excellent bearings for heavy riders.