Are seth rollins and roman reigns related?

Last Update: May 30, 2022

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Seth Rollins takes us through his long, tumultuous history with his former Shield "brother" Roman Reigns.

Are Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns still friends?

Roman Reigns, Jon Moxley and Seth Rollins all got their start at WWE a decade ago. From 2012 to 2014, the three wrestlers were part of The Shield, a fixture at Raw main events. ... Since then, the wrestling superstars have taken different paths but still remain friends.

Is Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins twins?

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Seth was asked for his reaction on Reigns' big news about being a dad again. To this, the 33-year-old wrestler revealed, "Oh yeah. They're just turning out twins, man.

Who is Roman Reigns best friend?

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns Best friends.

Who is Seth Rollins wife?

WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch got married on Tuesday. The professional wrestlers have been engaged since August 2019 and have now tied the knot, with Rollins revealing the news on his social media.


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Who is Seth Rollins best friend?

Rollins has always had strong chemistry with Cesaro whenever they get to work together. A recent interview saw Seth name Cesaro as his best friend on the road since the two love to work out at the same gyms and get coffee at the same places before shows.

Are Brock Lesnar and John Cena friends?

According to, when Brock Lesnar was previously in WWE (nine-years ago) he did not get along with John Cena. Stories from behind the scenes say that Lesnar was not a fan of a young, up and coming Cena. One source actually stated, “Brock absolutely positively hated and detested John Cena!”

Who is the toughest wrestler in WWE?

Top 15 Legitimately Toughest Wrestlers Of All Time
  • 8 Harley Race. ...
  • 7 Kazushi Sakuraba. ...
  • 6 Kurt Angle. ...
  • 5 Bad News Barrett. ...
  • 4 Perry Saturn. ...
  • 3 Sabu. ...
  • 2 Brock Lesnar. ...
  • 1 Haku. Haku is the toughest wrestler of all time.

Did Brock Lesnar actually hit John Cena?

It was raw and unscripted. It certainly wasn't what WWE wanted to have him say, especially because they cut the microphone on Punk before he said anything further incriminating about the company or Vince McMahon. Cena's battle wounds from last Monday.

Who is the best friend of John Cena?

John Cena & Randy Orton are best friend in real life | Wwe couples, John cena, Randy orton.

Who is Braun Strowman best friend?

Braun Strowman himself has said that he has many friends, but that Bray Wyatt is the best. Wyatt helped him a lot with wrestling and supported him at all times.

Who's the highest paid WWE superstar?

For example, Brock Lesnar is WWE's highest-paid performer, and he made $12 million in 2020, putting him among the top 10 NHL salaries.

Who is better Undertaker or John Cena?

John Cena beat The Undertaker three times in his career. This only takes into account their one-on-one matches. The two superstars faced off against each other six times in singles competition, of which The Undertaker won three times, and Cena won three times.

What is John Cena's net worth?

John Cena is worth an estimated US$60 million, taking him a long way from his days of having to compete in eating contests to get a free meal. But the WWE star hasn't just relied on wrestling to earn his fortune. Here's how the 44-year-old American entertainer built his wealth.

Who is Batista best friend?

At Bragging Rights, after a Fatal Four Way Match that featured Rey Mysterio, his friend Batista, Undertaker and CM Punk.

Is Braun Strowman a twin?

Christmas dinner might get a little awkward at the Strowman household this year, given that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fired Braun Strowman and then immediately hired his identical, though more clever, twin brother Brains. Professor Brains Q.

Who is Braun Strowman in real life?

Adam Scherr (born September 6, 1983) is an American professional wrestler and former strongman. He is best known for his time in WWE, where he performed under the ring name Braun Strowman.

Who is John Cena's enemy?

Randy Orton is a third-generation American professional wrestler who has appeared in many WWE games.

Is Roman Reigns friends with John Cena?

Reigns made it clear that he and Cena are far from being close friends. However, Reigns also emphasized that he has the utmost respect for John Cena's valuable contributions to the pro wrestling industry. ... He was thankful for getting a chance to work with Cena, as it helped him get better as an overall performer.

Who is best friends in WWE?

10 WWE Superstars Who Are Best Friends in Real Life
  • #8. Ryback and Daniel Bryan.
  • #7. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston.
  • #6. Chris Jericho and Big Show.
  • #5. Big E and AJ Lee.
  • #4. Edge and Christian.
  • #3. Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar.
  • #2. Sheamus and Triple H.
  • #1. John Cena and Randy Orton.

Did John Cena and Brock Lesnar hate each other?

One source stated: “Brock absolutely positively hated and detested John Cena! Lesnar reportedly bad-mouthed Cena to Vince McMahon many times, especially anytime Cena was doing something being perceived as positive." ... The duo also feuded in 2012 when Lesnar made his return to WWE and targeted Cena right away.

How many times has John Cena defeated Brock Lesnar?

– Following John Cena's win by disqualification over Brock Lesnar at WWE Night of Champions, Cena is now 2-4 all time in singles matches against Lesnar.